8 Ways to Keep Your Children Safe Near Water!

Summer trips to the pool, beach, lake or other favorite bodies of water are some of the most memorable ones. With the heat of summer in full swing, many families are taking to the water to cool down. Time in and around the water requires parents to take extra precautions to keep their little beach and pool-lovers safe. After all, drowning is the second-leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.


These eight ways to keep your children safe in and near water will help you have an enjoyable summer while keeping cool and staying active with your family.
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5 Steps to a Better Smile!

Use These 5 Steps for Better Smile

A beautiful, bright and white smile will make anyone look years younger for their age. The smile gives off energy, and white teeth exude health and well-being. Many of us exert a lot of effort and invest much in keeping that bright and white smile in place, but of course, there are certain lifestyle choices that can contradict to that.

A perfect set of white teeth goes far beyond than just brushing. Yes, brushing is the first and most important responsibility for teeth whitening, but there are actually other ways to keep your teeth white and your smile bright. Here are 5 easy steps to maintain your beautiful smile.
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Home Organization and Cleaning!

Home organization and cleaning come hand in hand.

If you only have limited time for cleaning and organizing your home, why don’t you make it worth its while and do both of these obligations at the same time. It is actually way easier to clean and organize your home at the same time, but most people think it is better to do it separately. Why would you spend an entire day organizing and de-cluttering your home and then spend another whole day cleaning it? When in fact, there is nothing easier than doing them together, spend half the time on these chores, and the other half of the time you can rest.

For example, have you ever wanted to start cleaning but you gave up simply because it was such a chaos in your home that you did not want to deal with it? Like not wanting to dust a piece of furniture because there was too much junk on it and you simply skipped it? Well, all of this can be fixed if you only dedicate just one day to cleaning and organizing your home is said by TenancyClean Battersea.

Photo Courtesy of home-dzine.co.za

Photo Courtesy of home-dzine.co.za

First, get a basket or a huge trash bag, look around your home, circle all rooms, and whenever you see a piece of paper or any other item that you do not need and will not need, put it in the trash bag. Once your home is cleared of all unnecessary junk, you can start organizing the things you actually use. While you do that, just pick up things that are misplaced and put them in their places. When you are putting the things in order, wipe under them with a damp rag, to clean the dust.

Secondly, while you do your cleaning and organizing, stock the laundry machine and the dishwasher and let them do their jobs while you organize the rest of your home. Think of places for every piece of item you want to keep and put it there. While half of your cutlery and clothes are being washed take some time to rearrange and organize the ones that are not.

And one simple tip for future prevention of making a mess – every night before you go to bed pick up the misplaced items and put them back to their places, wipe the counter top and table. Cleaning and organising should always go hand in hand, because it saves you time and just makes the two boring chores way easier when done together.

Find Some Spooky Halloween Inspiration!

Find some spooky inspiration for your Halloween

The scariest time of the year is soon to arrive and if you want to have a memorable and frightening Halloween, some good preparations are in order. Get everything ready for the 31st October and enjoy the spook and fun with your family and friends.


Decorate your home

It is important to decorate the home well. It simply isn’t enough to draw the curtains and put up a few candles. You have to create a real atmosphere of fear. It is essential to decorate both indoors and outdoors of your house so that the children would know that you’re waiting for them with candy. For your decorations, you just have to use a lot of spiders and spider webs. Hanging bats are always a good idea, too. For more horror, you can stain some of the furniture covers or old curtains with fake blood. With Jack-O’-Lanterns everywhere, you can recreate a graveyard in your garden. Possibilities are really endless, and if you start on time, you can have a real fright house at your disposal.


Carve that pumpkin

Around Halloween, there are many pumpkins of different shapes and sizes available at the market, and you can get as many as you want, carve them and create different faces on them. This is especially fun to do if you have children, so you can do this together. Let your imagination run wild when you’re deciding on the face for each pumpkin. There are many ideas you can look up on the Internet as well. And the insides of every pumpkin can always serve as a great ingredient in the kitchen.


Prepare the candy

Candy is inevitable for Halloween. There will be a lot of kids trick-or-treating and you have to be prepared. A lot of different candies with scary motifs will be available at the stores so you should stock up on those, cause you don’t want to be tricked now, do you? You can also pack the candies in separate bags so that it’s easier to give them out to kids and that way you won’t give more to some kids and less to others.


Terrific cooking

Another good plan for which you might prefer to stay at home is to prepare food for Halloween. The legendary pumpkin is not only edible on the scariest night of the year. The pastry can be one of the solutions to your creative genius on a night like this. The shortbread with ghostly shapes can delight the little kids and they themselves can help with the cooking. The same goes for the cupcakes you can decorate with Halloween motifs. Besides being delicious, they will amaze your guests. Another classic dish for this date, is ‘cut off fingers’, made of some hot dogs, mustard and ketchup. Still, pumpkin is the star of the night with cream pumpkin, pumpkin soup or pumpkin sauce to accompany meat or fish. Put on your apron and let the terror invade your kitchen!


Pick a costume

The most enjoyable part of Halloween is the dressing up. Buy or make a costume that will be perfect for this night! Be careful if you’re going to have a lot of small children around the house, though. In this case, your mask shouldn’t be too scary. If you don’t like wearing layered clothes and costumes, you can always do something interesting with your face makeup. The same goes for children – if you don’t want to worry about the possibility of your children tripping over the costume or getting too close to the candles with wigs, wings or anything that can pose as a potential disaster, use the nontoxic face paint on them, too. Of course, you can always use electric candles for one less worry on that scary night.


Movies night

The evening dedicated to the dead is perfect to celebrate with movies, but not just any kind of movies, choose the most terrifying ones. Of course, you better have some company. On this night do not forget the classics such as The Exorcist, The Shining, Psycho, or the Halloween movies. On the other hand, if you want to watch something less well-known, look up the lists of best horror movies online.

Have a party

Friends, costumes and a house. No more is needed to throw your own party! Skeleton, witch, vampire, Corpse Bride, convict – there are so many costumes that can be found these days at any store that you’ll have trouble deciding. You can make a theme costume party wearing costumes of the characters in any horror movie, a superhero party, fantastic creatures party, Harry Potter party and so on. You can also instruct your friends to make their own costumes and have a contest for the best costume that evening.
Sleep in sheets stained with blood, rub shoulders with zombies in The Walking Dead scenarios, get shivers while walking through the streets, have a nightmarish meal, etc. These are some of the plans that you can use for your own original Halloween. Scare unto others as you would have other scare unto you.


About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate in writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

Who Are The Most Popular Kids Designer Brands In The UK?

Here is a fabulous guest post from Sacira and Natasha, who run Little Bou, with this post…

“Who are most popular kids designer brands in the UK?”/center>

The fashion industry for children is a competitive one; it takes absolute dedication to style, quality, wearability, longevity of garment and a passion for being aware of the environmental impact of the creation of a clothing collection to really be seen as a brand to buy from.

There are a number of designers who have realised these important areas parents look to when choosing clothes for their children and so have jettisoned themselves to being popular, desirable names to look out for.
Here’s a look then at five designers who are stocked by the leading UK boys clothes boutique Little Bou who have really hit the mark in the children’s clothing market – and why.

Mini A Ture
Stars of the Copenhagen fashion scene for children, Mini A Ture creates clothing that celebrates the Scandinavian roots of their ancestry. Using high quality materials, the design team look to produce unique cuts through the six collections they launch each year.

Image Courtesy of Little Bou

Image Courtesy of Little Bou


A designer of children’s clothing that embodies fun and adventure. The collections of Milibe are vibrant and chic and ultimately comfortable to wear whether play time is collecting fallen conkers, jumping the waves at the sea or heading off for a weekend of camping on the Moors. Ecological to the core, all items hold Oeko-tex standard certification, which means the colour dyes used are free from heavy chemicals. In turn, everything that can be bought from any of the Milibe ranges is as soft to the skin of children as is possible.


When a key member of a founding clothing design team is also a psychologist, you know you’re looking at collections that will stimulate more senses than usual. That’s certainly the case for Spanish award-winning Yporque who combine the sensation of touch and sound in their clothing along with the desire to spark imagination and innovation. Their envelope-pushing music pack t-shirts are just one element of their showcase of individuality.

Image Courtesy of Little Bou

Image Courtesy of Little Bou


A leading light in the environmental aspect of production methods for children’s clothing, FUB is utterly dedicated to every element of their collections being organic and chemical free. Their focus is as equally matched when it comes to craftsmanship, the highest quality of fabrics and yarns and the promotion of classic cuts.
With the objective of ensuring every piece from each range can be worn as a stand-alone piece, they are also just as keen to allow children the versatility to mix and match as they feel personifies their individuality.

Bonnie Baby

Fun and colourful clothing for both boys and girls, Bonnie Baby looks to create outfits that are comfortable to wear, easy to care for and are manufactured from the kindest of textiles. Mixing the classic chic of milk boy stripes with funky and fruity tops displaying a selection of produce-related characters to fill the smartest looking of wardrobes, each collection launched by designer Tracey Samuel is a joy to behold. With celebrity clients such as Gwyneth Paltrow known to have dressed daughter Apple in all Bonnie Baby has to offer, it’s certainly a name associated with quality and high class.

Image Courtesy of Little Bou

Image Courtesy of Little Bou

Buying from a popular brand doesn’t have to mean substituting availability for quality. Clothing created with love, expertise and a focus on the ecological and sustainable impact of the production method choices will ensure a designer becomes popular based on their merits, ethics and great looking outfits.

This guest post was brought to you by Sacira and Natasha run Little Bou a very popular UK clothes boutique specialising in boys designer clothes.

Cleaning House While Homeschooling!

I am thrilled to be sharing another fabulous guest post, from Patricia Cornwell, as she offers some amazing tips on cleaning house while homeschooling!

Ah, homeschooling. Yet another responsibility for moms. Whereas just yesterday you were stressed over having to wash spit-up clothes all the time, change diapers, cook and clean every cranny and nook of your home to perfection, today you are faced with one more challenge: homeschooling. How do you cope with all that? Just so you know, homeschooling doesn’t mean you have to give up a tidy and clean home. It just means you need to be more organized. So, be sure to check these cleaning tips to help you survive.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Flickr

First Comes School, Then Come the Chores

Given the circumstances, you need to organize your life according to the new situation. It is essential to understand that homeschooling should come first. After your kids are done with the lessons, you are free to focus on cooking and cleaning. If you learn to put school first, you may actually start to enjoy this a lot more. You’ll be able to take your mind off housework and other pending tasks for a while. Worrying about stuff is a waste of energy. You want to keep that energy for the moment you are going to need it. So, rather than fussing about not being able to do the chores in the morning, focus on helping your kids study. When the lessons are over, go back to your daily routine.

Do the Chores in the Afternoon

As we mentioned above, you should postpone cleaning for later. With kids around, it makes no sense to start cleaning in the morning anyway. Why? Because during the day they will make more messes and you’ll end up cleaning the same area for the umpteenth time. When your children are occupied with something else, take the time to sweep and mop the floors, put some things away and cook dinner. The best way to go is to create a plan. Make a list of all the chores that need to be done weekly and divide them into days so you don’t have to tackle everything in a day.

Ditch Extra-Curricular Activities

If you have a dozen tasks to run, it’s best to give up on extra-curricular activities for the time being until you get used to the new routine. You are now a homeschool “assistant”, mother and wife. Your responsibilities keep on piling. If you find yourself surfing the net for too long, talking on the phone forever and watching TV every few hours, you may want to change your schedule. We are not saying you shouldn’t have fun. As a human being it is important to find the time to rest and entertain yourself. However, given the circumstances, you should spend less time on these tasks and focus on your household duties. Once you finish all tasks, move on to the ones you enjoy doing.

Involve Your Children

Now that homeschooling is done, ask your kids to put away their school things. You should teach them that cleaning up their own messes is essential. Children can also help in a multitude of household tasks. Small ones can help fold clothes, put away out of place things, make their beds, send toys home, match socks, dust, etc. Older children can wash the dishes, clear and set up the table, water plants, sweep the floor, clean and tidy their bedrooms, etc. Coax your little helpers into doing some things for you around the home and you’ll notice that housework isn’t as time-consuming as it seems.

Don’t Despair

You won’t get it right all the time. Some days you will feel too tired to do anything. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Don’t feel guilty for not being able to accomplish everything. You are a human being who needs time for rest, pleasure and time for yourself. The beginning is always the hardest but once you get used to the new schedule, you’ll feel more in control of your life.

To recap, dedicate morning time to homeschooling, do the chores in the afternoon, have some fun in the evening and do some more tasks prior to going to bed. This is how you can survive homeschooling. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask your children for help. If they are old enough to go to school, they are old enough to tackle some household chores. Period.

The article is kindly contributed by Patricia Cornwell who runs London City Cleaners.

Home Resolutions for a Fresh Restart!

Today, I am thrilled to be bringing you an amazing guest post article from Patricia Cornwell offering home resolutions for a fresh restart!

If you want your home to be clean, tidy, functional and good-looking, here are some home resolutions for a fresh restart that you can apply. If you focus on cleaning out the clutter from the rooms, organizing, remodelling or making some minor or major changes in the design and décor of your home, you can accomplish brilliant results. Read the ideas given here and make the changes your home needs for a long time.

First thing you need to do is clear the clutter from your home. Check for items in your drawers, wardrobes, shelves and everywhere in your rooms. If you find things that you haven’t been used and you don’t really need, donate them to some charity organization or give them away to your friends. Items you store in your home for years only take valuable space in it and make your rooms cluttered and unattractive. Best Carpet Cleaners says that cleaning all the clutter from your home will save you a lot of space which you can use better and wiser.

Now that you have cleaned your home from unnecessary things you can focus on organizing the items you need. If you think your clothes, notebooks, magazines or collection with films are untidy, start organizing them. You can sort your clothes by type and colour, the films – alphabetically, the cutlery and utensils – in a way that you prefer. Think about functionality and aesthetics when you organize your things. If the order you provide doesn’t last long, at least you will be satisfied with the effect you have achieved for the moment.

If you think that the lighting in your home in some of your rooms is outdated, you can replace it with new. Change the chandelier, replace old lamps, install motion sensor lights or recessed lighting. These changes will impact the whole atmosphere in your home and make significant alteration in it.

You can redecorate some of your rooms by painting the walls or only the skirting in them. If you feel your room is too boring you can refresh it with some bright and vivid colours. You can use pastel, darker or lighter colour tones to make your room more calming, if you prefer. Repaint the walls or only some elements in your rooms to make the changes you want.

Photo Courtesy of https://flic.kr/p/3qyNoY

Photo Courtesy of https://flic.kr/p/3qyNoY

Make a schedule for your cleaning activities and stick to it. Clean on a regular basis every room and area in your home. This will save you and your family from having too much cleaning work and household chores that need to be done in a restricted time. Provide the necessary cleaning of every room in your home regularly and you won’t have problems maintaining your house. Stick to the schedule you have chosen.

Think about remodelling your bathroom. This is a room which easily gets out of fashion. The updates you make will add value to your property. Although the bathroom renovation may take some time and a lot of work, the final results may worth it.

You can make some changes in your décor buying a new piece of art or another decorating element. Hang it in the living room or other room that you use to gather with family and friends. Create the focal point in your room by choosing a decoration which you really like. This will make your home revitalized.

If you want your home to be refreshed and looking completely different so that your family and friends will enjoy it more, use these innovative home resolutions for a fresh restart. They can create the impact you look for in your home décor and design. Whether you apply minor or major changes in your home, they can make a difference in it, without having to spend too much time and money.