Rambling About Me…

Want to know who I am…well here is a rambling about me!

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I am a forty one year old, proud mother of three wonderful kids, my oldest from my first hubby and the two youngest from my current hubby. We are in our third year of homeschooling for my two youngest, in two separate grades. I have been happily married to my second husband for twelve years, though we have been together for seventeen. Through those years we have had our good times and our bad ones too, but I think I have become a stronger person for it, and we have become a better couple.

Exploring this roller coaster that is life as a SAHM, homeschool teacher to a tween and a teen, wife to a hubby that drives me to madness and I love with all of my heart, and any other madness that may ensue! I love to be on the computer, listen to music, read romance novels, spend time with my kids, love tattoos, thrift shopping and lunch dates, and being with my hubby. Our family is just a simple bunch, with simple tastes…

I started This Momma’s Ramblings, in December 2012, to share this new journey that I would be taking as a SAHM. Sharing homeschooling thoughts, DIY projects, woes of gardenging, trying to be frugal with a tight budget, and any other day to day fun that just might pop up! With the occasional book or product review thrown into the mix, to add to the fun.

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Sharing the stories that surround the three most important people in my life…D-man, my 21 year old son, Lil man, my almost 15 year old son, and Lil miss, my 12 year old daughter. With the odd story where the hubby might be mentioned, along with my son from another mother, Clevis who is D-man’s best friend, and his lovely fiance, who I call my other daughter, Darlin! All names are of course, the nicknames that I call them. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this wonderful adventure along with me!