Moving Time

When we moved into our house, ten years ago, moving time was a nightmare. We only had a few days to move eight years and five people’s worth of stuff. Since I had to work, the stress of moving fell mostly on my husband and a few good friends. We also had two small children at home, and one was on a summer visit and had no idea that we were moving. What a surprise he got when he came home.

Corntassle Cottage

Corntassle Cottage

So many things could have made moving time much easier. Being prepared would have taken so much of the stress out of the equation. Even taking a little time to downsize. It is amazing how much stuff can accumulate, especially in ten years and three children. As well as all of the normal calls for getting the utilities turned off in one place and on in another, in a short amount of time.

Moving into a new home/apartment with your family can be stressful. It’s a huge change that might even feel a bit overwhelming. Couple those feelings with taking care of your kids, and you’re almost setting yourself up for a breakdown! How do you prepare to move? Simple. A moving checklist.

Moving Checklist courtesy of Transit Systems

The stress of moving can twirl your mind into a pretzel, and cause you to forget a few things. Trying to remember every little thing you need to get done from, from shipping furniture to checking out schools can be impossible, which is why as a mother it’s always important to be organized. Illinois Moving Company, Transit Systems, has put together a great moving checklist including everything from planning ideas to packing materials in order to make sure that your move is as easy as possible.