5 Steps to a Better Smile!

Use These 5 Steps for Better Smile

A beautiful, bright and white smile will make anyone look years younger for their age. The smile gives off energy, and white teeth exude health and well-being. Many of us exert a lot of effort and invest much in keeping that bright and white smile in place, but of course, there are certain lifestyle choices that can contradict to that.

A perfect set of white teeth goes far beyond than just brushing. Yes, brushing is the first and most important responsibility for teeth whitening, but there are actually other ways to keep your teeth white and your smile bright. Here are 5 easy steps to maintain your beautiful smile.

Better Smile

1. Visit your dentist regularly.

Most of us would put off going to the dentist because of the “I’m brushing my teeth anyway” attitude. Sometimes we even wait for a dental problem to occur (or worsen, for those who like to torture themselves) before we decide to see a dentist. Disliking a dentist visit is normal – if you are eight years old. For adults, we all know that dentists are our teeth’s friend.

You do not need a dental problem or reason to visit your dentist. It is even advisable to have a regular dentist’s appointments so that your dental health is checked. Every day, we expose our teeth to germs and bacteria, and even if we brush religiously, some dental problems can be persuasive that we will need dental cleaning and maintenance.

2. Use your dental floss.

Who is guilty of keeping a dental floss in their purses, work desks or bathroom cabinets and rarely uses it? Yes, many. Most of us think that brushing our teeth is already enough and we don’t need to waste another one or two minutes to floss our teeth.

Well, here’s what dental floss does for your teeth. When a regular toothbrush can’t reach the deeper parts and in-between teeth, your dental floss is there to the rescue. Some food and bacteria can settle and take root in between teeth, where they cannot be bothered. This is where dental floss comes in handy. If you don’t use it, you are basically permitting bacteria to take residence in your teeth.

3. Before you eat or drink, think.

Most dental problems originate from the food we eat or whatever we intake through our mouth. This means it is not only limited to food, but also to the beverages we drink. Candies, gums, soda – these are only a few of the kinds of food and drinks that are not friendly to your teeth, no matter how friendly they are to your taste buds.

This is not to stop you from eating what you like. By all means, enjoy life through the beauty that is food. But before you eat or drink, think. Think of its effects not only to your teeth but to your body. Will it be worth it? If you say yes, just be sure to brush your teeth after eating.

4. Smoking is a big no, no.

For obvious reasons, smoking is a big enemy of dental health to the point that you can lose your bright and white smile. You’ve seen the photos and documentaries about smokers. Yes, their lungs are greatly affected, but so is their teeth.

Nicotine will seep in through your teeth and weaken the tooth enamel, allowing bacteria, germs and nicotine itself to reside. It will slowly rot your teeth until you have tooth cracks and spots that can make your smile – well, different, that’s for sure.


5. Maintain a proper oral hygiene.

Of course, the most important and basic habit of all for maintaining your smile and making it even better, proper oral hygiene. You only need to remember two main things when it comes to oral hygiene: one, brush your teeth at least two times every day; and two, always cap off your tooth brushing routine by rinsing off with mouthwash. This will keep your breath fresh and your smile bright.

Creating a healthy habit for your dental health is an essential way to keep your smile bright and white. Being able to smile flawlessly can boost your confidence and it can make other people’s day. Dental health is a good investment in many ways. Be sure to maintain your beautiful smile.

Author Bio:

Joel Cordle is a person who is health conscious. He is serious about his health. He likes to be healthy and fit so always keeps himself updated about the recent health care tips. He mostly uses home remedies to stay healthy.