Bulk Hot Cocoa!

With winter fully upon us, there is nothing better, for me at least, than curling up with a nice cup of hot cocoa…with a very generous topping of whipped cream!

2016-01-15 14.57.30

This is one of the things that brings up happy childhood memories of being at the bowling alley, with my dad, and it always had a huge topping of whipped cream. However to buy hot cocoa at the store, can be pretty costly, especially when you go through it as quickly as I can! Seriously, I can kill two of those packets at a time and that makes it go quick!
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Homemade Quick Granola!

I really love granola, but if you are wanting to buy the store bought varieties, it can be expensive. The cost, generally keeps me from buying it, and this is why I finally decided that I was done buying and would make it.

2016-01-17 17.17.51

On my trip to the grocery store, last payday, I hit paydirt! My local grocery store had Yoplait yogurt on sale for 10 for $4.00, and my whole family loves it. It was made even better, because I was lucky enough to have 3, $1.00 off coupon with purchase of ten! One of my favorite things to do is sprinkle some granola or grape nuts, into my yogurt as I eat it, but I didn’t have any!
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5 Steps to a Better Smile!

Use These 5 Steps for Better Smile

A beautiful, bright and white smile will make anyone look years younger for their age. The smile gives off energy, and white teeth exude health and well-being. Many of us exert a lot of effort and invest much in keeping that bright and white smile in place, but of course, there are certain lifestyle choices that can contradict to that.

A perfect set of white teeth goes far beyond than just brushing. Yes, brushing is the first and most important responsibility for teeth whitening, but there are actually other ways to keep your teeth white and your smile bright. Here are 5 easy steps to maintain your beautiful smile.
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