K5 Learning! Sponsored Review

This is a sponsored review for K5 Learning. I received a free trial to K5 Learning for the opportunity to provide this review and will be compensated for sign-ups that come through the link that will be provided throughout this post. All opinions expressed throughout this post remain my own.

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As a homeschooling mom, I am always looking for ways to help my kids with the learning process, especially my lil miss. Math has always been something that she has struggled with, because it is her least favorite subject. With the rocky transition from public school to home schooling, she has really gotten behind in math, and this is where K5 Learning comes in to offer help.

K5 Learning is an online math and reading program for kids from Kindergarten through grade 5. Offering independent study to help build their skills in reading, math, and good study habits. Designed for home use as a supplement to public schooling or along with a homeschooling program using fun activities and online lessons. The lessons are animated and interactive and easy to understand for even the youngest age group.


K5 Learning offers an online skill assessment of 8 key reading and math skills, with lessons based on the results of your child’s personal assessment. Your child is then provided with lessons, allowing them to work independently and at their own pace. Their progress is also tracked and reports are provided to you, the parent, allowing you the ability to monitor how they are doing.


K5 Learning was created by parents interested in offering better learning tools by using the very best reading and math software. The program is available anytime and from any where that there is internet access. Also, it is completely safe, with no external links, advertisements, chats, or downloads to be concerned about.


K5 Learning’s reading program offers over 1,500 online tutorials and activities, based on guidelines provided by the National Reading Panel, using practices utilized by teachers and reading specialists. The curriculum covers the 5 basic skill areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. These lessons are broken into segments of a tutorial, practice, and quizzes, each lasting about 5 minutes, to allow short but effective learning.


K5 Learning’s spelling program helps to improve a child’s language skills, by providing immediate feedback and hints on how to correct misspellings and applause for correct spellings. Words are generated based on the child’s assessment level, compiled from a database of over 150,000 words. It also uses sound files, sample sentences, definitions, and pictures that help the child fully understand the words that they are working on.


K5 Learning’s math program offers over 1,200 tutorials and activites, covering numbers and operations (from simple counting through fractions and more), measurement (telling time and counting money), geometry, beginning algebra and data analysis. Using fun characters and real world scenarios allowing each child to build a connection with learning math.


K5 Learning’s math facts provide children with the ability to develop an instant recall of the basic math facts. This ability allows for an easier transition to learning the more difficult problems that they will face as they enter the higher grade levels.


With K5 Learning, you have the ability to see your child’s progress using the comprehensive reports, quiz results, and progress reports. You also have to opportunity to assign lessons, in both math and reading, at any time. All of which allows you to be in control of helping your child achieve their learning goals.

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K5 Learning is a fun and simple way to help your child learn the skills required to achieve their maximum potential.