DrainWig Review! Sponsored Post

This is a sponsored review for DrainWig Hair Catcher. I received two DrainWig Hair Catcher products free to provide this review and the chance to offer a giveaway to my readers. All opinions expressed throughout this post remain my own.

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The DrainWig Hair Catcher is a small device that is inserted into the drain of your tub or shower designed to catch the hair that washes down the drain. DrainWig uses a length of chain, with small plastic “teeth”, attached to a decorative element. There are no tools required to install, simply slide the chain into the drain and let it do its magic.

The first time that I saw the DrainWig Hair Catcher on television, I knew that it would definitely be something that I would want to try, and was thrilled when this opportunity arose. Every member of my family has long hair, shoulder length or longer…I feel a “Hair” moment right now! And as the hubs and I get older, we lose a bit more hair everyday.

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The type of drain that we have is open, so we are constantly buying drain products to help clear out the drains. We even went so far as to buy small metal screen cups that could insert into our drain, but it would clog after one shower and we constantly had to clean it out to let our tub drain.


I have to say that I am really thrilled with the DrainWig Hair Catcher, in just a week’s time, it caught a chunk of the hair we lose. I am really curious to see how much hair it will catch in the 2 – 4 month usage time. Especially because I don’t see me getting a hair cut soon, lil man waivers back and forth, lil miss might go with a trim, and the hubs will get some cut, but the hair will continue to flow in this house and the DrainWig Hair Catcher will save us a ton from buying expensive drain products.


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