Egg-Tastic Love! Sponsored Post

This is a sponsored review for Egg-Tastic. I received the ceramic, microwave, Egg-Tastic cooker, free to provide this review and the chance to offer a giveaway to my readers. All opinions expressed throughout this post remain my own.


Egg-Tastic is a ceramic egg cooker for your microwave. The claim is that it provides fast, flavorful, and fluffy scrambled eggs, right in your microwave thanks to the vented lid, which allows steam to escape while the ceramic structure circulates the heat for even cooking.


The Egg-Tastic Ceramic Cooker was a product that I was very excited to try, because scrambled eggs are a favorite food item with my kiddos. But scrambled eggs is something that I rarely make, mostly because of the mess that they leave behind when cooked traditionally in a frying pan.

After the first use, I had fallen in love with my new Egg-Tastic Ceramic Cooker, and so did the kiddos! The scrambled eggs came out fully cooked, very fluffy, and absolutely delicious. It was extremely easy to use and even easier to clean up, because it is prepared right inside the ceramic cooker.


Being able to make a batch customized to suit the food preferences of each family member, was so easy. By adding ingredients, such as ham, cheese, veggies, or anything that they like to eat, allows for a quick and healthier breakfast option. There is no need for extra oil or grease, which makes for great low fat scrambled eggs.

The first morning that we used the Egg-Tastic, I was able to get breakfast ready for both of the kiddos, in less than 10 minutes. That was complete with prep-time, cooking, and making a side of toast to go along with the scrambled eggs. The second morning, the kiddos each made their own batch of scrambled eggs, adding cheese to them as they liked.

Thanks to the Egg-Tastic Ceramic Egg Cooker, I will be making or letting the kiddos, make scrambled eggs much more often.

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