#AskAwayFriday Brandi from Penguins In Pink Ask Away!

Today, I am thrilled to bring you an #AskAwayFriday with a new member of the #AAF family as I have Brandi from Penguins in Pink Ask Away about being a SAHM!

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Brandi and I met up last week, through our #AAF Facebook group, when she sent out a buddy request! I love being able to swap with the new members of the group as much as I do re-swapping with an old friend! I have to say that I fell in love with her site, right away, I mean it has peguins on it and they are just so cute! Be sure to stop by Brandi’s site, Penguins In Pink, where she share all types of home made yummies, household tips, crafting and DIY fun, and tips on homeschooling and homemaking! Stop by to show her some love and peruse through the amazingness on her site!

AAF 78 Brandi

1. When did you decide to stay home? And is there anything you miss about working outside the home?

Towards the end of 2012, the hubby had just gone back to work, and I wanted a break! I worked for 18 1/2 years, took care of my mom daily, took care of the family, housework, helping with homework, and all of the other things that come with being a wife and mom. The hubby and I discussed it and we decided that the time was right for me to be a SAHM.

No, I really don’t miss working outside the home, though I had some amazing friends that I miss, but I don’t miss the rat race!

2. What’s the biggest challenge you face in the home, and what do you do to prevail?

Trying to get it all done, can be a nightmare, but I just “Suck It Up Cupcake” and do what needs to be done!

3. Do you follow a set schedule or fly by the seat of your pants?

Oh definitely fly by the seat of my pants! I don’t mind a tentative schedule, to a degree, but I prefer it being flexible.

4. Do you make your kids nap? If so, do you nap also, or work on projects?

This one made me chuckle…thinking about all of the times that I would like to knock them out and put them to sleep! LOL! No seriously, they did when they were little, but at 12 and 15…that is a battle I would not even attempt!

5. Who gets up first, you or the kids? Are you early risers or night owls?

Well, hubbs is always the first one up, followed by me, and then the kids…but the kids and I are definitely night owls…and hubbs is the early riser!

6. What fuels your day and gets you going coffee, tea, or other?

Well it used to be Mountain Dew…all day everyday! But now that is my dessert, every night. I have switched to Green tea with Lemon and Ginseng and a cinnamon stick.

7. I’ve always wanted to know how this plays out for other SAHMs, do you make/cook your kids breakfast everyday?

No! LOL! Once in a while I will make something, but the kids are like the hubby and I and are not huge morning eaters…so they generally just grab something quick. Our big meal of the day is normally around mid afternoon, after the hubbs gets home from work.

8. Truthfully, if you are not leaving the house all day do you and the kids change out of yours and theirs pajamas?

Nope! But we don’t generally sleep in jammies…our jammies are normally shorts/sweats and t-shirts.

9. Why did you decide to homeschool? And what’s your favorite thing about homeschooling?

Well my oldest went to public school and I saw how our local school district was heading and it was not going anywhere good! The lil ones were in grade school at the time and lil man was dealing with bullies, and while I know bullies are a part of life, when it became the teachers…we had had enough. Especially knowing that lil miss would getting those same teachers, too!

10. What is the best part of your day?

Hanging with my kids! We really have a pretty great relationship and are very close, so hanging out with them is amazing!

My babies and I on Mother's Day!

My babies and I on Mother’s Day!

Thank you so much to Brandi for joining me this week! Be sure to stop by Penquins In Pink to read her answers to my questions!

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