#AskAwayFriday More Old School Fun with Tamara!

I am thrilled to again be bringing you a bit more old school fun, courtesy of my dear friend and fellow host, Tamara.

When we agreed to share the same questions last week, we decided to make it a full swap for this week and sticking with an old school idea by going with questions surrounding those old school days!

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I am so excited to be swapping again this week with the most amazing Tamara from Tamara Camera! If you have not met Tamara yet, be sure to stop by for a visit! Tamara is a warm and generous mom to two adorable littles, Scarlet and Des and wife to the very creative Cassidy. Sharing absolutely beautiful photos and the warmth through her writing, even her own story in the amazing compilation, The Mother Of All Meltdowns! Be sure to stop by to read her answers to these Old School Fun questions!

1. Who was your best friend when you were in elementary school? Tell me about him or her!

Her name was Carlita, and we had sleepovers and walked home from school together, listening to the local college station or a recorded cassette tape. We always had fun together…this was a song that we used to listen to…from 1983…courtesy of YouTube.

2. Who did you have a poster of on your wall when you were younger? Be honest – did you ever kiss your posters?

Oh I had so many! LOL! I had Corey Hart, Duran Duran, Wham, The Outsiders cast, The Power Station…no I don’t think that I ever kissed the posters, but maybe a magazine or two! LOL!

My Duran Duran wall plaque

My Duran Duran wall plaque

3. What was your first job and how old were you?

My first job was at Mueller Company, a local factory, that makes industrial, water, piping, which I got through a vocational Office Education course that I took during my Senior year, so I was 17.

4. If you could go back in time and relive an entire day as a kid – but with your mind now, what age would you choose to do so?

Wow…while there is not much that I would ever want to relive…maybe I will go with the day of my great grandma’s funeral, because I would have been able to meet my grandma and my uncle and remember the meeting, I was about 4 at the time.

5. Were you in any clubs in middle or high school?

Nope…that all stopped with elementary school. In elementary school I was in glee club, pom pons, band, and young authors. I even did a play once where I played a Holly Hobbie doll! LOL! Here are a couple of gems from those days!

PomPons...I am in there some where!

PomPons…I am in there some where!

Singing...Flashdance What A Feeling!

Singing…Flashdance What A Feeling!

6. Do you remember your first slow dance? (mine was to Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven” – kinda morbid!)

It was with my dad, at the bowling alley bar, and the song was Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind”! Courtesy of YOuTube.

7. Do you still have any of your favorite toys from your childhood?

I do still have my very first teddy bear and the Raggedy Ann that I got when I was almost 2.

Raggedy Ann and my first Teddy Bear!

Raggedy Ann and my first Teddy Bear!

Me and my Raggedy Ann!

Me and my Raggedy Ann!

8. Who was your first favorite singer or band?

Oh the list! LOL! Well my first would have to have been Duran Duran! Here is “Save A Prayer” from their second album, Rio. Video courtesy of YouTube.

9. Who was your first boyfriend?

Haha! My first, was in Kindergarten and his name was Craig! We sat together on the bus ride home!

10. What was your favorite year of school? Why? And least favorite?

None and all! LOL! I really hated school! I suppose in second grade, when I was the top fundraiser in the school and won a $100 bill, was really cool!

Thank you so much to Tamara for offering up such wonderful questions of Old School Fun! Don’t forget to stop by to read Tamara’s answers to these questions and then take a moment to visit with all of the other amazing link ups and get to know a group of amazing bloggers!

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