#AskAwayFriday Twinsie Time!

Welcome to another amazing installment of #AskAwayFriday with my amazing Twinsie, Echo from The Mad Mommy for Twinsie Time!

Thank goodness it’s Friday…#AskAwayFriday that is, the most amazing link up ever!


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This week, I am so excited to be swapping again with my amazing twinsie! In case you are not aware my twinsie is the fabulous Echo from The Mad Mommy and if you don’t know her already, be sure to stop by…you won’t be sorry that you did, because she is absolutely awesome!

Twinsie Time W/ Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy!

Twinsie Time W/ Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy!


1. How many siblings do you have?

I had 4 older siblings, from 6 years to 14 years older than me. My oldest sister passed away 5 years ago and I really don’t have much contact with the rest of them.

2. Is there anything special that you have held on to since childhood?

I have quite a few things actually…I have a bathrobe that my grandma made for me that each of the kids also wore when they were little, several baby dresses which lil miss wore, a quilt that my great grandma made before she passed away, and a necklace that she also gave me, and a few other things that I just can’t think of right now. LOL! Then there is also the two lovely stuffed friends in the picture below…the teddy bear has a music box that doesn’t work anymore, which was given to me the day I was born and it was bigger than I was (I was born 5 weeks premature) and Raggedy Ann that I got for my second Christmas!

Raggedy Ann and my first Teddy Bear!

Raggedy Ann and my first Teddy Bear!

3. What is your most vivid childhood memory?

I even surprisingly enough have a could of those…I remember walking to church on Sundays with my great grandma, and smelling the snowball bushes in her back yard, her making me cheese toasties everyday for lunch, and falling down a flight of stairs at the home of the lady that did her hair, resulting in a cracked open skull and stitches. My great grandma passed away when I was five years old.

Teen years:

4. Who was your teen heartthrob?

Oh so many! LOL! I was quite boy crazy and had posters covering my walls! I would say that likely my earliest would have been Rick Springfield…during his General Hospital and Working Class Dog days!

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

5. Name one of your acts of teenage rebellion.

Oh well there were quite a few of those, too! LOL! I started smoking when I was 11 and drinking about then too. Then of course there was my taste in guys…long hair, tattoos, and eyeliner! LOL! My mom used to tell me that I needed mental help, because that just disgusted her! LMAO!

6. What is one thing you wish you could tell your teenage self?

I think that I would tell myself to hold on for the ride because the road was going to get a bit rough for a few years, but things would even out and it would be good.

Becoming a mom:

7. What was your first thought when you found out you were pregnant for the first time?

Well of course I was ecstatic, because my first husband and I had really wanted a child…but I also had to prepare myself for my mom…we lied to her and pretty much told her that it was an accident…

8. Do you feel like you were prepared to be a mom?

For the most part, I definitely was! I mean I am not sure that I was fully prepared for all of the motherhood issues, but I always dreamed of mommyhood!

9. Tell me a funny story from your very first year of parenting.

Well…the night that I went into labor with D-man it was about 11:00 at night and I was sound asleep and I got up to go pee…after doing my business, I stood up and I kept flowing and when I hollered across the room to tell my hubby that my water broke, he rolled over and said, “No, you just pee’d the bed!” LOL! My water had really broken and we went to the hospital, based on the doctor’s instructions, but we left my suitcase at home. When the hubby realized that we were there to stay, he ran home to get the suitcase and when he came back he brought our neighbor with him, who I had gone to high school with, as a smoking buddy and I ended up holding both of their hands during contractions! It was really kind of weird because the neighbor and I did not even run in the same circles. Our neighbor even bought D-man one of his first gifts, which D still has to this day…a Marsupilami doll!




10. Pick 3 songs.

Childhood…Rick Springfield Jessie’s Girl

Teen years…Def Leppard Love Bites

Motherhood…Queen You’re My Best Friend…because they are indeed my best friends!

Thank you so much, my amazing Twinsie, for being my swapping buddy this week and Twinsie Time fun! We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! Don’t forget to stop by to visit Echo and read her answers to my questions and then stop in to visit with all of the other wonderful linkers!

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