#AskAwayFriday with Kristen from 31 Million Seconds!

Welcome to this week’s amazing #AskAwayFriday where I will be answering questions that were sent to my by Kristen from 31 Million Seconds!

Thank goodness it’s Friday…#AskAwayFriday that is, the most amazing link up ever!


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#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between two bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world!


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Please welcome my swapping buddy for this week…Kristen from 31 Million Seconds, she is a fairly new member of the #AskAwayFriday family! Kristen shares wonderful thoughts and feelings from the goings on in day to day life. Using writing as therapy through the ups and downs, and changes that can occur from one second to the next, hence the 31 Million Seconds that come and go during the year. Be sure to welcome her with some love!

AAF 44 Kristen

1. Since you’re raising three kids I bet you know a thing or two about parenting. What’s the single best piece of advice you can give new or soon-to-be parents like myself?

Go with the flow and choose your battles…Honestly, I have always looked at things like this…especially as teens…remember your own antics during those years and never, ever, judge! I have always allowed them to grow in their own ways; to develop their own way in the world. I will however, always have their backs and give them true honest through all of life’s ups and downs.

2. I love how you admit your woes in gardening. I also struggle to keep plants alive. Have you had any gardening successes that made you really proud?

Well, I definitely figured out a don’t! LOL! Never again will I start from seeds! Plants from now on. I did manage to get some wonderful sugar snap peas, green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers…they are all my faves anyway!

3. This has been a tough winter. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Oh most definitely one of the US Virgin Islands! I am so done with Illinois winters! Even though this one has not been as bad as some in years past, but I am over them!

4. I also love to read romance novels. What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?

Well, right at the moment, I am not reading a romance. I am actually reading “The 100yr Old Man Who Climbed out of the window and Disappeared”.

But oh I can certainly recommend some great ones! The Mallory Series by Joanna Lindsay…The Bride Trilogy by Catharine Coulter, The Cynster Series by Stephanie Laurens, The Bastion Club novels by Stephanie Laurens and oh the list could go on for days!

5. When you’re driving around in your car, what type of music do you usually listen to?

Normally it is hard rock and as loud as I can get it! LOL! I am the goofy chick that kids in other cars are cracking up at as I sing and dance in my seat!

6. As a SAHM and homeschooler I know your day is packed! If you could hire someone to help you with one thing around the house, what would it be?

I would love to have someone come and help me load up and they can take away all of the piles of stuff that I need to get donated! I bags/piles/boxes tucked here and there that just need to go!

7. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Did you like it or hate it?

Well, weird for me would have been sardines in mustard sauce…and it was okay.

Now for something that others see as weird…chocolate donuts and sour cream and onion chips! Yummo! LOL!

8. Today, everything seems to come with a warning label. What would your warning label say?

Definitely “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” LOL! Because I am “vertically challenged” A.K.A short, and I look young…people tend to underestimate me, thinking that I am naive and without experience…and that is not at all the case.

9. If you could choose one superhero power, which one would you pick?

Oh freezing…like Piper could on Charmed! I have a teen and a tween, that can be a bit hyperactive on occasion, and to be able to freeze them in place! LOL!

10. What do you see when you look outside your kitchen window right now?

SNOW! LOL! And the gas station across the street.

What a wonderful bunch of questions and thank you so much Kristen for swapping with me this week! Be sure to stop by 31 Million Seconds, as well as the other amazing linkers to read their questions and answers!

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