#AskAwayFriday with Lindsay from Lindsay Klein Rocks!

Welcome to another amazing #AskAwayFriday edition and this time I am thrilled to be swapping with a wonderful new bloggy friend, Lindsay from Lindsay Klein Rocks!

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AAF Co-host

This week I am so excited to be swapping with an amazing new blogger and friend, Lindsay from Lindsay Klein Rocks! And she does rock! Lindsay is a Professional DJ and DJ’s her own Rock radio show, I mean how awesome is that! She is also a new wife, Yoga instructor, fitness nut, travel lover, wine lover, and a lover of dreams! She shares wonderful recipes and projects as well as inspiring words to uplift you through life’s journey.

AAF 44 Lindsay

1. As a SAHM, what have you found to be the most rewarding aspect, and what is the most challenging?

Oh the most rewarding is definitely being able to spend time at home with them and the most challenging can be being with them all of the time! LOL!
Honestly, I am blessed in the relationship that I have with all three of my kids, they tell me everything…and I really do mean everything! Let’s just say…think back to being 12 and 15 and even 21…what did you think about or do that you most kids would not be comfortable discussing…mine discuss! LOL! But I truly love it…when they talk to me, I can advise based on my own world experience and even help them out on occasion.

2. I read that you love tattoos, do you have any? Can you show us a photo (I’m a new blogger so I apologize if you’ve done this before, but hey when in Rome)……Also, do you have any plans for future tattoos?

LOL! I am always thrilled to talk tats! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I currently have 5…3 small ones on my right shoulder, 1 on my left shoulder, and a big one on my right leg.

Oh I want so many more!
I want to get a SuperMom emblem, think of Superman only with an M inside! LOL! I also want to get “Coexist” tattooed on my back in kind of an arc, between my shoulder blades…and…something in remembrance to my uncle, but I have not decided what exactly.

3. I know you are music junkie like myself, why has music become so important to you? Can you tell us your top five bands?

Music was always my escape as a kid. I could get lost in the songs, which of course, led to the stories in my head. The music was always the companion that soothed any mood, if I was mad I went for something harder, if I was lonely I could go for something slower, happiness brought the fun and full of energy music.

Oh my top 5…only 5! LOL! Okay, well we will give this a shot…right now my top 5 are…

1. Slash & Myles Kennedy…They are just amazing together and Myles is super dreamy! LOL!

Courtesy of Yahoo Images

Courtesy of Yahoo Images

2. Five Finger Death Punch…They are just so versatile, and their lyrics are so full of meaning.
3. Alter Bridge…Well they are fabulous…but of course they are with Myles at the helm, and did I mention that he was dreamy!
4. Blackmore’s Night…Okay well it’s Ritchie Blackmore! And I love that old world renaissance style of music.
5. Celtic Thunder…Now while they are not a “band” in the general sense…but each member is such an amazing talent that combines into a wonderful sound and their Irish, which is also quite dreamy! LOL!
Celtic Thunder – The Voyage Tour – “Atmos, Druids, Deus Meus, & Duleman”

I know a helluva mix! LOL!

4. What have you found the biggest difference with raising boys versus girls for you?

LOL! Well when the boys were younger, they were somewhat calm, they came a bit closer to listening. As for lil miss…she was a little more apt to paint the carpeting or set it on fire…and yes she did both! LOL! Now, at 12, 15, 21…the younger two are a bit more high strung, like their dad…but they do have their mellow moments, more like me!

5. When did you and the hubby who you’ve known even before being with know that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together?

Honestly, I am not sure if there was ever a true moment of “knowing”, but we knew, within a few months of starting to date, that we would definitely head in that direction. We had both been married previously and both had ended in less than stellar ways and I think that gave us the ability to know how to work through the ups and downs. Now we have been together for a total of 18 years and plan to continue for as many more years as time will allow.

6. What is a dream date for you and hubby alone?

Well, my dream and his dream would definitely be two totally different things! LOL! I suppose my dream would indeed fall under the “romance novel” type of date…a beach, moonlight, and plenty of stars to dance under…and maybe even a finger food type of snack dinner…and a concert to one of the above mentioned artists would be fabulous!

As for my dearest hubby…on one hand he would probably think…”Why do we have to leave? My tv is here!” LOL! But he would likely go for Burger King from the drive thru, parking next to a lake or pond, and then a drive through the country.

7. What’s your dream, your vision for yourself when the kids are grown and have moved out? What’s your dream pertaining to you and hubby?

While I would love to be able to do more travel with the hubby, realistically existence won’t likely be much different, maybe I will find more time to write, read, and maybe free time for grandbabies when and if that time arrives.

I would love to travel to the UK and Ireland, and maybe back to the Caribbean, or maybe even throughout Europe. Hubby would love to see Australia and New Zealand, and some WW2 sites, too.

8. What makes you utterly happy? If you can, post a photo too for bonus points! (rainbow sprinkles to the ice cream!)

Oh my kids…completely!

Then there is chocolate, good music, a good book, babies, a sunrise or sunset, and a summer storm! I am pretty easy to make happy!

9. As a parent very involved with their children, have you taken any teachings from the way you were raised? Or on the contrary, have you done the opposite and have completely raised your children in the opposite direction…

While I took a few…treat others the way you want to be treated, respect for others, be kind and honest…but everything else I pretty much did the exact opposite.
I will never play favorites with any of my kids, I always give them the right to voice their own opinions without judgment, and they will always have my unconditional love.

10. What about your husband do you love the most, what do you “dislike”, and for bonus points what do you love about yourself the most, and what do you not like?

I love his heart…but I dislike that he doesn’t show it more…even though I understand all to well the damage that parents can do to a child. But I do know that it is there.

As for me…well…hmm…I suppose that I like my inner strength, because without it I could have turned out very differently. As for what I don’t like, well…my overall appearance could use a bit of a makeover! Some of those issues I know how to correct…others well, sometimes you just can’t fight family genetics! LOL!

Thank you so much Lindsay for swapping with me this week! Your questions were fabulous! Be sure to stop by to visit with the amazing Lindsay to read her answers to my questions…and then stop by and get to know all of the other amazing #AskAwayFriday participants!

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