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This week, I am super excited to be swapping with Cascia from Talbert Zoo! Sharing her journey as a wife and mother of five, through wonderful stories and photos. She is also a health and fitness enthusiast and founder of Healthy Moms Magazine! Be sure to stop by and read her answers to the questions that I asked of her and show her a little love!

Cascia from Talbert Zoo!

Cascia from Talbert Zoo!

About Blogging

1. You started blogging in 2012. Why did you decide to start a blog?

I started blogging really to share our daily adventures as a new SAHM, after coming off of a 18 year career outside of the home. This was a new journey for me. I also had some hope that I would be able to eventually make a few dollars to add to the family finances, since we would be a single income family.

2. Do you have any blogging goals for 2015?

My biggest goal is to get more consistent with content and focus on building on the amazing friendships that I have made over the last two years.

3. If you could share one tip about blogging to someone who just started a blog today, what would you tell that person?

Community is the most important part of success. I think of it as a giant circle of girlfriends who are there with support and friendship!

4. What do you blog about?

I will blog about most anything…day to day struggles, homeschooling, recipes, and whatever else might pop into my head and through my fingers.

About Your Family

5. How did you meet your husband?

LOL! Well this one is definitely a doozie!
I actually met my hubby, when my dad married his mom, when I was about eleven and he was nineteen. Yes, that means that he was my step-brother, for about two months, they married on Mother’s day…separated by Father’s day…and divorced by the fourth of July!

After they divorced, I remained friends with my step-mom and hubby and even baby sat for his sister on occasion. Then when my first hubby and I separated, I found out that hubby had separated from his first wife, during a visit with my ex-step-mom…and the rest is history.

6. What is one thing about each of your children that makes him or her special or unique?

Everything about them! LOL! But more specifically…
D-man, who is my oldest…is my rock. During the years that my mom lived with us, he was always beside me during her care.
Lil-man, who is the middle one…is my little love. He loves to help others and even at fifteen, so very generous and caring.
Lil-miss, who is the baby of the group…is indeed the little hippie princess. She is a ball of fire and full of creativity, with an imagination that runs wild.

7. Do you have pets?

We have three in our midst at the moment…an all black cat, a dapple Dachshund, and a German Shepherd.

8. Why did you choose to homeschool?

We started having problems, when my oldest went into Junior High and the Principal chose to speak to a roomful of parents using street slang and our superintendent had an agenda that did not have the kids’ best interest in mind. The final straw, however, came when lil man started getting bullied by a teacher and we knew that lil miss would have that teacher, too. We started researching and started homeschooling the next school year.

About you

9. Where did you grow up?

I have lived in Central Illinois, all of my life, just a few hours south of you. It is a little factory town, with a major University…but not much else. The grade school that I went to, was the same one that all three of my kids went to.

10. What is one thing about you that your readers may not know?

Hmm…I am not really sure, because I am pretty much an open book, but this might work…
I always thought that to either be a radio DJ or a librarian would be cool jobs…as a music junkie and a book addict!

Thank you so much Cascia for an amazing swap! Be sure to stop by and read the questions that I asked of her! Also, take a few minutes to stroll through all of the other amazing linkups!

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