#AskAwayFriday with Megan from The Patchwork Paisley!

I am excited to bring you an amazing swap with Megan from The Patchwork Paisley!

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This week I am thrilled to be swapping with Megan from The Patchwork Paisley! Megan is a wife and mom to two adorable little girls, as well as being a middle school teacher! She has a passion for art, she dubs herself the “Queen of Unfinished Projects”! I was thrilled getting to know Megan some months back as she once hosted a great weekly music linky, Tunesday Tuesday!

1- How would you describe yourself in 5 words?


2- How do you think those closest to you would describe you in 5? Is it the same or different from how you see yourself?

I think that the answers would be pretty similar.

3- What immediately comes to mind when you hear the following words:

– happiness…kids
– scary…my oldest son’s car accident
– thankful…that he was not hurt
– create…life
– secret…dreams

4- Now that Halloween is over we seem to have skipped Thanksgiving entirely and moved on to Christmas! When do you give in to the holiday cheer and start with the carols and shopping?

Uhm…never! LOL! I have a few Christmas shows and songs that I enjoy from childhood, and I really like the lights…but otherwise, I am really not a fan.

5- This is my signature question that I’ve always asked in my previous AAF posts. I hope you don’t mind getting a bit frisky: The name of the game is Dump, Hump, Marry. I’ll give you 3 celebs and you have to dump one, hump one and marry one. Your choices are…Gerard Butler, Jude Law and Paul Rudd

LOL! I love it! Okay, is it bad that I had to look up Jude Law and Paul Rudd to see who they were!? LOL! Well here is my decision…
Dump would have to be Paul Rudd…he just doesn’t do much for me…
Hump I would have to pick Jude Law, cuz he kind of reminds me of Gavin Rossdale…mmmm!
And Marry would definitely be Gerard Butler…he looks sexy as hell in a kilt!

Gerard Butler

6- I see that you’re a reader. I love a good book and currently am in need of suggestions. What’s your all-time, everyone has to read this book fave?

I love books that are series stories. I love the “Mallory family” books by Johanna Lindsey, The “Sherbrooke family” books by Catherine Coulter, “The Bastion Club” & “The Cynster family” books by Stephanie Laurens.

I love Historical romance’s with a bit of mystery or intrigue…a dashing hero, and a spunky herione and lots of laughs!

7- I’m a mom of 2 little girls and a middle school teachers, I feel prepared for the dreaded teenage years, but I have a feeling there’s a big difference when it comes to parenting. What are your best tips for managing those often tough years with a teenage daughter?

Remember what you were like and what you did, when you were there ages. Remember the insecurity, the fear of growing up, the urgency of life…all of the things that make a teen a teen. But most importantly keep an open mind and heart enough to let them grow with enough strength to rein them in for their protection.

8- As an artist, I am extremely interested in art of all kinds. If you could have any artist create your family portrait, who would it be?

I would have to go with either my grandfather or my hubby’s mom or his grandfather…they were all quite wonderful artists.

But here is a caricature that we had done last summer of the hubby and I and the two lil ones on a vacation to Indiana Beach…

2013-08-14 16.35.14

9- You have a magical device that will allow you to look back in time and return to one moment where you will have the option to take “the other path” and make a different choice. Knowing that it would NOT affect your current life and how things end up, would you take the opportunity and to which moment would you travel?

I think about the only thing that I might consider changing would be to be a bit more mindful of saving the money that I got when my dad passed away. Though I only had some say in it since my mom was the guardian of it.

10- Snap a picture of something that is important to you in the room that you’re in right now. Share the picture and tell us something about it.

This is a picture that was done by my mother in law when she was about 16 years old.


Thank you so much Megan, for swapping with me this week! These were amazing questions! Be sure to stop by Megan’s site at The Patchwork Paisley to read her answers to the questions that I asked her! Then stop by for a visit with all of our other amazing link ups and get to know some great bloggers!

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