#AskAwayFriday Question Hodge Podge!

This week’s #AskAwayFriday, I am offering up a bit of a question hodge podge!

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AAF 23 HodgePodge

Well sadly, I found myself without a partner this week, so I hit up my #AAF buddies for a few questions and threw in a few that I came up with…so here they are!

From my amazing twinsie, Echo, who asked…

1. Narnia, Middle Earth or Fantastica, which would you choose?

I think that I will have to go with Middle Earth, mostly because it is the one that I am the most familiar with! LOL!

From the fabulous Sonya from Saving Everyday with Sonya K, who asked…

2. Are you planning on growing anything in your garden this fall?

Sadly, I think that I have given up on gardening…at least for this year! With everything else that fills my day, I could never seem to be free enough to devote the time to it that I needed to…so maybe we will try again next year. Third times the charm, right?!?

From the wonderful Tamara from Tamara (Like) Camera, who asked…

3. What is your most viewed blog post ever and why do you think it was so popular?

My most viewed was a 2nd recipe for Super Easy Granola Bars…Who doesn’t love a good granola bar? LOL!

Super Easy Granola Bars #2

Super Easy Granola Bars #2

From the lovely Christy from Uplifting Families, who asked…

4. Where do you not mind waiting?

Honestly, I really don’t mind waiting anywhere…especially if I have my phone and a good book to keep me occupied!

5. What is your most impressive car repair skill?

No repair skills…but I can check fluids, air up tires…the simple stuff.

6. If you could close one fast food chain, due to disgusting food, what would you pick?

Though my daughter would not be happy that I said this…I am going to have to go with Sonic, we went there one time and I cannot say that I was all that impressed! Besides, I just cannot stand their commercials!

Now for a couple that I came up with…

7. Have you ever learned a foreign language? If not, what one would you like to learn?

I never learned a foreign language, but I would love to learn Gaelic.

8. Who is your favorite comedian?

I have always loved George Carlin!

9. What is your favorite quote?

Everything happens for a reason.


10. What will your next tattoo be?

Well, I am actually torn between two different ones…



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