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Welcome to another amazing week of #AskAwayFriday with Frank and Ana from Our Blended Marriage!

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This week, I am super excited to be swapping with Frank and Ana from Our Blended Marriage! Frank and Ana are the parents in a blended family of children and cultures, he being from the States and she being from Croatia and they live in Croatia! How great is that! Their tagline says it best, “5 Hearts, 2 Cultures, 1 Family, & a Blog!” They share stories about their family, blog design, and stories on how to be productive in our daily lives! Be sure to stop by their site and check out their answers to my questions!

Frank and Ana from Our Blended Marriage

1. You mentioned that you and your husband share a matching tattoo. This is something Frank and I plan on doing once we go back to USA. Do you now suffer from post tattoo syndrome of wanting more tattoos or feeling like the tattoo isn’t complete?

LOL! Oh I definitely want more! My next one is going to be a superman symbol, with an “M” in the center instead of the “S”! LOL!

2. Considering the “deviant” nature of tattoos (or people’s perception rather), how do you feel about piercings? Would you allow your children to get a tattoo or a piercing before they turn 18?

I don’t mind piercings, I took my oldest to get his ear pierced when he was 6 and I went with him on his 18th b-day for him to get his first tattoo. He also had his tongue pierced for a while, but that didn’t last long! LOL! I plan to take the two younger ones to get their first tattoos, when they turn 18. 🙂

3. You are an avid reader (and share a trait with Ana of completing a book within a day or two!), do you enjoy other genres or just romance?

I don’t mind some other genre’s I have run the gambit through the years…comtemporary romance, horror, gore, some that were just a little twisted, and of course historical romances. I cannot however get into anything biographical! LOL! That is more the hubby’s thing and sci-fi, and fantasy fiction (more like D & D, Lord of the Rings type).

4. If you had to take just one book with you to a desert island which one would you take?

Oh that is so mean! LOL! I think for that I might go with Danielle Steels, “Jewels”. Or maybe Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

5. You are finally in Scotland and cruising down the lake when Nessie makes her appearance. What do you do?

Smile and try to get a pic!

6. Knowing what you know now and going through a divorce yourself, what do you tell your children about divorce in general?

The biggest thing, I think, is when it is done, it is done…don’t drag kids into stuff and remember that person is still your child’s parent! Bashing each other only hurts the child and why anyone would want to hurt their own child, well that is just sad! We actually saw what it did to the kids, because we had been those kids and we did not want that for our son! My ex and I get along great, I love his parents and they love my two lil ones that are with my current hubby, my ex has a wonderful wife that loves our son, and he has a step sister and step grandma that adore him as much as he does them. I am super thankful!

7. What is your idea of a perfect family night in?

LOL! That is just about every night!

Well actually anytime that my oldest, my son from another mother, and his lovely fiance come over for a visit…like they did on Mother’s day. I love it when all of my kids are here with me! 🙂

8. You home school your children and you mentioned being slightly scared because of math problems in your school days. How do you manage that particular subject?

So far, I have been able to comprehend/re-teach myself in a way that though I will have to look it back over once lil miss needs it in a couple of years, it should not be too difficult. I just did not seem to get it when I was in the school setting, but with having the teacher’s manual to look at, I was actually able to understand it and be able to explain it to lil man in a simple way that made him grasp it. My hubby, bless his heart, gets a bit wordy when he explains things and when talking to a 14 year old the best aproach is simple and to the point! LOL! Luckily he is a pretty smart kid, kind of on the analytical side…definitely takes after his dad! LOL!

9. If time travel was possible, which time period would you want to visit and why?

Oh this one is hard! Some part of me would love to back and talk to my great grandma on my dad’s side and see if I could learn a bit more about my ancestry…though I do have a recording that my uncle made before he passed with some, but I would love to pick her brain!

Another part of me would to go to Victorian England and maybe find out more information on my 4 times great grandfather and his parentage, that would be kind of cool! Plus to see Victorian England would be amazing!

10. You have three kids, what is the one thing you allow them to get away with?

One thing! LOL! Honestly, I don’t get too worked up about most things…I mean, they all swear, at home and I don’t worry about it. Well the oldest just does what he does, but they are all respectful and kind and helpful to others so I let them do what they do. I also am extremely close with them all, and they tell me things, some that could make a sailor blush! LOL! But, I know things, the important things and I would not have it any other way!!

Thank you so much to Frank and Ana for swapping with me this week! Please be sure to stop by Our Blended Marriage to read their answert to the questions that I asked them! And don’t forget to stop by and read the Q & A’s from the rest of our fabulous linkers!

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