Wacky DIY Curtains and A Body Pillow!

This past week, I have been working on wacky DIY curtains and a body pillow as accent pieces for lil miss’ bedroom. I am happy to say that they are finally completed and looking awesome with her now completed bedroom.

I took lil miss out last week to pick out a few pieces of remnant fabric to be able to make the new things for her bedroom. She picked out some polka dot fabric, one covered with butterflies, a pretty pink, a turquoise, and a blue with an acid wash sort of look.

For the curtains, I simply took different pieces of different fabrics and sewed them together and then added satin binding around the edges to finish them off. They look a lot like a patchwork quilt.

Pinning all of the pieces together took the most time. And then of course, adding the binding around the edges. To finish them off, I cut out squares from some old “Princess” material that I had used previously for lil miss, and added them to the front of each panel of curtains. For that process, I used stitch witchery to attach them.

Then it was time to move on to the body pillow, that lil miss wanted. This was one addition that she did not know I was making.

For this project I pinned four pieces of fabric together, print side in, sewed them together in the middle, pinned the satin binding to each end and sewed around the outside edges, leaving about half of one side open for stuffing. Once the stitching was completed, I turned it right side out and stuffed it with two bags of fluff. The pillow ended up being about 4 1/2 foot long, but she is over 5 foot tall, so it works perfectly for her.

I am happy to say that she loves both her new curtains and her body pillow…in fact, she had tears in her eyes, when she saw her pillow! I am certainly content with that!