Amazing Homemade Glass Cleaner!

A couple of days before we took lil man to camp, I decided that I needed to clean the car windows, because they were just gross!

Well wouldn’t you know it…I didn’t have any glass cleaner…so I broke out some of the items that I always have on hand and whipped up my own!

I dug out my alcohol, and not the bottle tipping kind, lol, foraged around in the cupboard for the bottle of vinegar, searched out the container of cornstarch, dug around for a spray bottle that worked and proceeded to make my own glass and mirror cleaner.

spray bottle window cleaner

1 TBLS Cornstartch
2 C Warm Water
3/4 C Rubbing Alcohol
3/4 C Distilled White Vinegar

I mixed the cornstarch into the warm water, added that mixture to the spray bottle, and then added the remaining two ingredients into the spray bottle.

Re-attached the spray nozzle and gave it a shake and then washed the inside and outside of all of the windows in my Trailblazer.

Mirror Before...

Mirror Before…

I love, love, love this mixture! Our vehicle windows were covered with the remnants of tobacco smoke, since the hubby and I are both smokers…not to mention dirt, and whatever else might end up on the outside of car windows. I wish I would have thought to take pics of before and after, but I did not even give it a thought. I did however, take a few photos of a little girl’s bedroom dresser mirror before a good scrubbing and after using the same glass cleaner…I will say that I did give it a second cleaning, but it was really filthy!

Mirror After!

Mirror After!