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This week I am absolutely thrilled to be swapping with Carla from Real Into! Carla blogs about her life as a wife, mom, and grandma while channeling her inner Denise Austin and Joan Jett! She is a Certified Pilates instructor and Certified Personal Trainer who has made working out and staying fit her life’s passion with Pilates, Zumba, Body Weight workouts and living life while having fun! Be sure to stop by her site and show her some love!

AAF 13 Carla

1. I read that you expanded your garden and you had a few tips. Next year I’d like to start a garden (probably container to start) …what is the most important thing for a new gardener to know.

I think that my biggest suggestion would be to start the plants indoors, that way when it comes time for weeding you will already know what are plants and what are weeds! LOL! Some days, I don’t think that I will ever get this crazy garden of mine weeded, because it very quickly became over run with weeds.

2. You seem to do a lot of DIY. In my mind I want to do this but I find it easier to either not do anything or if it’s really important pay someone else to do it (like fix my broken toilets). What excites you most about DIY?

For some things it really comes down to cost and the lack of extra funds, for other things it is just because I want to do something special which are the projects that generally involve the kids. I have made curtains and blankets for the kids, because it was something special just for them, and so was painting bedrooms and making special cakes for their birthdays. I also made a special puppet theater for my daughter several years ago, that was a ton of fun to make.

3. My daughter is home schooling and just ordered some curriculum. I know there are a lot of options out there for home schooling and different methods (or at least that’s what I gather from some of the different blogs I read), what do you think are the most important things to look for when selecting curriculum?

Well of course, I would have to choose a quality English/Literature curriculum and Math is very important, as well. I also think that Science and History should also be a part of any curriculum, but those are the main standards. I also think that kids should learn quite a bit about the domestic sides of life, because kids will have to be on their own at some point and they will have their own laundry to do and they will need to be able to feed themselves, so I really think that those are important, too. Plus, there is budgeting and family finances that should also be part of any instruction.

4. My husband also loves the library and I need to drive him there once a week; he also checks out electronic books. Do you prefer electronic or hard copy reading? Why or why not?

Oddly, I love good old fashioned hard copy reading. There is something about the smell of a book and being able to curl up with said book in a comfy chair.

5. Last week you said you are a “huge castle junkie”. What is it about castles that you love?

I think that it is partially the history behind them, kind of a “If these walls could talk” feeling. Sometimes, I think that I was born in the wrong era! LOL!

6. We both have children in their 20s. What do you think is the hardest part of parenting an adult? The easiest?

The hardest thing for me is really letting them go! I happen to be one of those odd parents that could really keep my kids with me forever!

The easiest thing is watching them succeed in life and knowing that the lessons that you taught, actually stuck! LOL!

7. You once said that you’d like to be able to make some money blogging. How have you been working towards that goal?

Absolutely, I have made a few dollars, though not nearly enough to be able to really add to the family coffers. But I still have yet to be able to devote the amount of time to it that I really need to. There are so many sites out there that I have yet to figure out what and how to make it work.

8. I know that you have three Friday the 13th tattoos. What’s your fascination with Friday the 13th?

LOL! I am not really sure, but I have always seemed to have a good day on Friday the 13th…and my daughter was born on Friday the 13th, which just added to that good feeling! As for the Friday the 13th tattoos…well they were only $20 and I really wanted another tattoo! LOL!

9. What has been your most frugal find?

I actually found a great find, just the other day at Wal-mart! I went in to grab a few loaves of french bread for spaghetti later in the week, and happened to stop over at the clearance rack and got lucky to find 5 loaves for $.70 each! They were originally $1.00! I also managed to pick up a dozen glazed donuts on the clearance for $2.39 and they were regularly $3.96!

During on of my thrift shopping trips, I found an adorable little end table for $10.00, which now sits right next to my recliner. Plus, I have found tons of great old classic books to add to my personal library.

10. I love Mountain Dew as well! I’ve worked hard to fight off the addiction but admittedly drink one about once a month or so (can’t help it). Do you ever see yourself giving up Mountain Dew?

Oh that is a hard one! LOL! I have really been trying to cut back some, but have not been very successful! LOL! I am not a fan of water and don’t always have tea made…so…grabbing a can out of the fridge is just way too easy! LOL!

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