#SargentoUltraThin VoxBox from Influenster!

I was so beyond excited when I received my #SargentoUltraThin VoxBox from Influenster, because my family absolutely loves cheese! And I mean LOVES cheese! Cheese is like bread in our house…an absolute MUST have! I also often times buy Sargento brand, because it is just amazingly tasty!

voxbox mail

So when I finally received my box in the mail, I was giddy! I mean really who doesn’t love free cheese and to make it even better, not only did I get a coupon for a package of #SargentoUltraThin cheese for free, I also got a coupon for another package at a $1.00 off! I have to say that it took me a couple of days to get to the store and lil miss kept asking me when I was going to get her cheese!?! LOL!

Cheese coupons

opening the voxbox

There was also a wonderful little surprise gift in the box. A very cute little lunch bag complete with the Sargento logo. A perfect size for packing a little picnic lunch with the kids this summer.

lunch bag

Once I finally got to the store and made my selection of longhorn colby slices. I was sad that they didn’t have a colby/monterray jack variety, which is our absolute favorite…camo cheese as lil miss lovingly refers to it. But I was thrilled with the longhorn colby choice that I had made and I decided to use up both of my coupons at once, because just one package would never be enough for my hungry, cheese loving brood.


The flavor that Sargento manages to get into the #SargentoUltraThin slices is amazing. They had a strong and creamy taste that was wonderful by itself or on a sandwich. I must admit that I simply ate several slices all by themselves, but I did manage to get a sandwich or two out of it as well! LOL!

Bologna and SargentoUltraThin