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Now it is time for #AskAwayFriday with Lanaya from Raising Reagan…

This week I have the great joy of swapping again with the amazing Lanaya from Raising Reagan for another amazing Q & A session. Lanaya is a wonderful, spunky, working, wife and mom to an adorable diva named Reagan. Lanaya is a fitness junkie, sports fanatic, and OCD perfectionist. All the while running an amazing online toy store that offers educational toys for the little ones, called Reagan’s Toy Chest. Getting to know Lanaya over these last few months has been wonderful, because she has become a truly genuine and beautiful friend. Be sure to stop by her site and check out the answers to the questions that I put to her.

AAF 1 Lanaya

Moms … the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:
1. You have the option to spoil your children for one day, money is not an issue. What do you buy your kids?

Oh this would be easy! A newer car for D-man and maybe a new iPod and computer…for lil man, since he is not far from driving age, a nice used car and a new PS3 and a PS4 with some new games and maybe even some camera equipment, and for lil miss a new wardrobe and some shoes and maybe a nice starter camera and a small drum set.

2. You have ONE lesson that you must pass on your to your children. They are responsible for passing that same lesson on to their children. What lesson do you make sure is passed on?

To live a life of honor…by working hard, offering kindness to others, and making sure your word means something.

3. What is the one thing that you think your children will always remember about you?

I hope that they would remember that I always loved them without condition, with all of my heart, and that I always had their back.

The Bad:
4. Everyone says that when you have more than one child, even though you’re not supposed to have favorites, there always tends to be one child you get along with more than the other … Is this true of you?

Oddly enough, no. I grew up in a family where my mom chose a favorite and it always broke my heart that I was just not good enough because of who my dad was…so I never ever wanted for my kids to feel that heartbreak.

I actually get along great with all of them equally. Now, while I likely spend more hours with D-man and Lil miss, it is only due to lil man’s obsession with a PS3 and all of his online buddies that he rarely comes out of his cave. LOL!

5. Most moms need their alone time. How long would you consider being away from your children before you started feeling bad?

The longest that I have ever been away from the kids was about 10 days, and really that was more than enough for me…I tend to miss the lil monsters. LOL!

6. Every once in a while I will lament that my daughter is a bitch. Of course I never say that to her face but I feel that. What’s the worst thing you have called your kids?

This mostly happens when the kids are “bitching” at each other…I have told them to quit being a “bitch” or an “ass” to on another…which they will always come back to me later and acknowledge that they were acting that way.

The Ugly:
7. Is there something your kids have {freedom, lack of responsibility, etc} that you wish you could take from them?

Oh and I have…D-man was once grounded from his bedroom, during his Junior year in high school, because he was flunking out of school…I have taken computers, televisions, video game consoles, and all of their toys!

8. All hell breaks loose in your house and your child is in all out war with you .. you have been forced to cancel a special event or holiday to get them to understand your authority. Which event gets cancelled? Christmas or their birthday?

Well if it actually came to that…I would definitely cancel a birthday. Normally though, it rarely comes to that, they know that while I am fairly flexible about most things…but my word is law when I want it to be. Now that they are at the tween/teen stage, they have learned that if they want me to give them respect…I require respect as their mom.

9. What’s the worst fight you and your children have ever gotten into?

My biggest and most frequent meltdown has been over school work…they say it is done and when I see that it isn’t, I have been known to lose my mind in true meltdown fashion. To me it is akin to lying and I do not tolerate lying…ever!

And finally … Best Mom Ever Award
10. What is one thing you have done for your kids lately that makes you deserving of the Best Mom Ever Award?

Truth be told, I really don’t consider anything that I do as something deserving of a “Best Mom Ever Award”…but they tell me that I am often. I support all that they do, whether it is something that I would choose or not. I have their back for all situations. I listen to their cares and worries and offer whatever advice that I can from my heart. I may not always like the things that they do, but to me they will always be “Perfectly Imperfect”! 🙂

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the answers to Lanaya’s questions! Please be sure to stop by Lanaya’s to read her answers to my questions! Then take a moment to visit some of the other wonderful link ups and make some great new friends!

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