Mothers Have Meltdowns, Too!

Kids aren’t the only ones to have one, sometimes mothers have meltdowns, too!

“Every mother, at some point, inevitably becomes her own worst enemy. In a millisecond, her halo crumbles and she has a moment so crazed it is forever known as the one.” —The Mother of All Meltdowns.

M is for meltdown

What is a meltdown?


Several months ago, very early in my bloggy career, I noticed that there was a book out titled “The Mother of All Meltdowns”. The title alone, just screamed to me that I had to have this book! Then I came to realize that it was actually a compilation of stories by ladies, who were starting to become my friends through my bloggy journey, which made me want it even more! So when I realized a couple of weeks ago that they were doing a blog book tour and giveaway, celebrating the idea that #NoMotherIsPerfect, I just couldn’t resist signing up to be a part of it by offering my honest review of the book.

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It was a validation of sorts, that I wasn’t alone in my various meltdowns in almost 21 years with children, now totaling three of them. And boy oh boy have I certainly had my share of them! I have had moments that reduced me to something slightly resembling Linda Blair…you know head spinning on my shoulders, hurling green pea soup after an entire large container of baby powder was used to decorate a bedroom, (Did you know that baby powder does not come out of carpeting or off of paneling easily?)…chairs sent careening across a kitchen floor, followed quickly with grabbing a bag of plain Lay’s potato chips, and sobbing as I stuffed them into my mouth…or taking a hammer to a kids toy (granted it was only a kid’s meal toy) after said child had broken something and I felt that a lesson needed to be taught.

If you are a mom, going to be a mom, a grandma, or an aunt and have not already read this book, it is an absolute must…IT IS AMAZING! This is the best description that I can give! So many of these stories made me laugh until I cried and some tugged at my heart for the wonderful moms that I was starting to get to know, considering them my friends. Some of the stories I could so relate too and some of them just seriously had me thinking I just want to hug that poor mom. Each of the stories are short in length, which is amazing for us busy moms, and they are all written with such genuine, honesty that they make you truly feel like you are not alone in this crazy adventure we call mommyhood.

To get your own copy or a copy for that special lady in your life, “The Mother of All Meltdowns” is available on Kindle for only .99 through Mother’s Day, click here to go to


Now to let you all know about a great new community for all of us Perfectly Imperfect moms out there, called No Mother Is Perfect! This is a place for us to get together, make friends and talk openly and honestly about our own meltdowns, struggles, and the less than peachy moments that we all deal with!

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As Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th 2014, quickly approaches, we want moms everywhere to stop chasing perfection and embrace the meltdowns and their own uniquity! You won’t find this word listed in Webster’s, but you will find it within every mother on the planet.

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