#AskAwayFriday 36 With Stephanie from So I’ve Been Thinking!

**ANNOUCENEMNT: After a lot of thought and concern I have decided to discontinue #AskAwayFriday.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to give the nurture and care it needs and with Baby #3 coming I don’t want to neglect it further.  I’m hoping to return AAF after the baby arrives but for now it will be discontinued after this weeks posts.**

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I am thrilled this week to be able to swap with Stephanie from So I’ve Been Thinking. Stephanie is a wife and mom to three who blogs about the things that are near and dear to her…family, sports, photography, food, and cocktails! She also loves to create videos, reading, and music. Please be sure to stop by her site and check out her answers to the questions that I asked of her!

36 AAF Stephanie
Now on to her questions for me…

1. You are an avid romance reader. What is your favorite book and why?

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to picking a favorite, because I have so many! If you saw me book collection, you would see why! LOL!

The series, by Catherine Coulter, started out as 3 books known as The Brides Trilogy, and eventually became so much more, rounding out to a total of 11 books in all. It is really one of my absolute favorites because it makes me laugh, keeps me intrigued, and I just can’t help falling in love with the characters.

2. I used to love Stephen King and Clive Barker, now they scare me and I can’t read them anymore. What genre do you not enjoy reading and were you ever a fan?

I have never gotten into either of those authors, but I used to love, and have read quite a number of books by John Saul. But in the last few years I have turned to historical romances as my genre of choice. As far as something that I don’t enjoy reading, I guess I would say anything non-fiction, and most especially historic non-fiction.

3. What advice would you give a friend who wants to start a blog? Choose 2 things you think are most important to know.

What a great question! First, I think I would say don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make some friends! It really took me a few months to figure this one out…and when I did, it was really kind of a “Duh” moment! I was very shy in the beginning and a bit afraid that no one would be interested in what I wrote. Then I realized that I needed to become a friend to make a friend, and to do that I needed to comment on those other blogs that I loved so much.

Secondly, don’t get discouraged! Nothing worthwhile comes easy!

4. You are involved in a few link-ups each week. Do you have a favorite?

I love link ups, though because things have been so busy lately I haven’t been able to join as many as I did early on. Of course, I love Meandering Mondays and Turn It Up Tuesdays…okay, I know, I host both of them! LOL! But I am also really enjoying Tunesday Tuesdays, because of my love of music. Then of course #AAF has been amazing, because of the amazing friends that I have been blessed to make through it.

5. I find with writing a blog there is never enough time in the day, I want to read everyone and comment on everything I read. I also want to share, like, tweet, etc., how do you manage your time? Do you focus on one social media platform or do you try to work in all(!?!) of them? Do you follow a calendar or just jump in?

I really don’t have anything set up specifically, and sadly my time management is horrible. I try to comment on each post that I read, but even that doesn’t always happen the way I want it to. As for social media, I do try to hit them all, here and there, with kind of a jump in attitude. I do have a calendar that has helped some with organization.

6. When you were young and thought about the future, did it look like it does today?

In some ways yes and some no…I always knew that I would be a mom and have been blessed three times over. But I had never considered being a SAHM or a home schooling mom. I always figured that I would work, and while that may become a necessity again someday, right now I am just enjoying being with my kids…at least two of them anyway.

7. If you had a day off, no children, no housework, just free to do whatever you choose: how would you spend that day?

Blogging…either reading or writing. Writing the novel that has been in my head for years. Maybe listening to music or watching some lame tv show that the hubby wouldn’t be interested in.

8. You admitted to me you are a “Super Music Junkie” (I get that because I am too) what are your top 5 song or bands?

This is another hard one for me, because I love almost all types of music…but I would have to say these are my top 5…

1. Alter Bridge…I just love Myles Kennedy!
2. Slash with Myles Kennedy…Anastasia!
3. Skillet
4. Five Finger Death Punch
5. A Perfect Circle…Imagine

9. You’ve been busy all day and all of a sudden it’s 5:30 and you have nothing for dinner. What’s your go-to meal?

Cheeseburgers and fries…thankfully it is a family fave!

10. I think every mom hopes her children remember something from her words of guidance and encouragement. What do you most want your children to remember?

I think that I would want them to remember to work hard and live their lives based on the code of honor that they were raised with. Treat others with kindness and without judgement, but also to stand up for themselves and others.

Well that is all of the questions that Stephanie had for me this week! A special thanks to Stephanie for joining me this week…and be sure to stop by her site at So I’ve Been Thinking to read her answers to my questions!

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