Tunesday Tuesday – Best Friend Song!

I am happy to be joining in on another week of Tunesday Tuesday Best Friend Song!


What is Tunesday Tuesday, you ask?

Tunesday Tuesday is a great place to share your love of music! Each week the amazing hostesses offer up a theme that revolves around music and you write about a song, or share a video that symbolizes that weeks theme for you!

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Now it has taken a bit of thought to come up with something for this week’s topic of Best Friend Song, but by golly, I think that I have got it!

These just happen to be a few of the songs that have been sung from the top of my lungs…and a bestie or two’s over the years, either into the air mike’s that we had or belting from the car windows as we cruised “Eldo” waving at all of our friends and flirting with all of the cute guys. Some are songs that were shared through sleep overs, secrets, and bowls of popcorn, while others in our cars during trips to the mall or the movies. All bring back fond memories of dreaming of rock stars having eyes for only us and posters littering the bedroom wall that we spent hours gazing into adoring faces!>

“Let’s Get On With The Music…”

So many great songs and so many great memories of times hanging out! What songs make you think about best friends past or present?