This Momma’s Meandering Mondays 37!

Welcome! It is wonderful to have you meandering by for This Momma’s Meandering Mondays 37! Wow! With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner and spring looming on the horizon (let’s hope), I can’t wait to see all of your amazing St. Patty’s Day crafts and recipes and other spring time fun! Now come on in and join the fun! Make some new friends, find a new yummy treat to make, or find a wonderful new craft idea to make. This is a great way to grow in your friendships! But before we start this party…Grab a badge!

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Say howdy to my linky party partners in fun…

The wonderful Jessica from The Wondering Brain and Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures.

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Now it is time to introduce our favorite This Momma’s Meanderer’s from last week, and boy oh boy it was a difficult choice! Don’t forget to grab your “I Was Featured” badge of honor! Congratulations to you all!

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Jessica’s favorite post came from Domain of the Mad Mommy with the post “Becoming My Mother“!
Saying, “Funny how we as mom’s start thinking about our own mom and soon we become them. I noticed this as my first born was growing up! We tend to appreciate what mom said and did because of own kids. Soon, mom is now the coolest person ever! Thanks for sharing!!”

Natasha’s favorite post came from Vashti Q Vega’s Blog with the post “The Train Ride From Hell – Finale“!
Saying, “I just love this series by Vashti. She is an awesome writer and knows how to draw in her readers. I was anxious and excited to read each part every week.”

My favorite post came from LadyBlogger with the post “Music Has The Power To Transform“!
I have always been, what I like to call, a music junkie…but it is such a simple term for what music truly means to me. Music has always been the one thing that makes my spirit soar…no matter what mood I found myself in, it was my soother, my joy, my relaxation, and my peace. I am truly in awe of the devastation that this beautiful lady endured throughout her life, but through the gift of her music, she was able to allow her spirit to soar!
LadyBlogger Music

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