Gracious Thanks!

As the month of February closes, I would like to offer a gracious thanks to Lydia from Lydia’s Flexitarian Kitchen for joining us as a co-host for the month of February! It was so wonderful having you with us this month and even better getting to know you!

Lydia and her husband Rick share flexitarian recipes and stories of their travels. Just in case you are unaware as to what flexitarian recipes, as I was, it is a term used to describe a semi-vegetarian lifestyle. Please be sure to stop by and show her some love.

And now I offer a special thanks to my two amazing hosts’…

Jessica from The Wondering Brain
The Wondering Brain200

“I’m a Gen Xer and work full time as a Special Projects Person for a university. I am also a full time mommy to 2 boys, ages 19 and 2. To top it off, I am also a full time Doctoral Learner for the University of Phoenix. I started writing this blog in January 2013 because I was suffering from writer’s block in school. I like challenging myself in whatever I do. I figured if I held myself accountable for writing, why not display all my crazy thoughts out to the public? Thus, The Wondering Brain was born!”

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures
Epic Mommy1

“I am the Author and editor of Epic Mommy Adventures, Natasha is a 30-year old single, working mommy and graduate student. She enjoys blogging about her entertaining adventures with her 2-year old son and all of the things that motherhood brings. She has an ongoing series on her blog, What’s For Lunch Mommy, focused on simple and healthy meal choices for toddlers. Visit Epic Mommy Adventures for good laughs, giveaways, recipes, and so much more!”

Natasha also has a weekly linky party called, “Turn It Up Tuesdays”! Which goes live every Monday evening at 8pm EST.

If any of you, my wonderful readers are interested in joining the fun of This Momma’s Meandering Mondays, please check out my sponsor page for details!