#AskAwayFriday 29 with Dee from Simply D Constructed!

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This week I have the great pleasure of swapping with a very new #AskAwayFriday friend, as a matter of fact this is her third week joining us! She is Dee from Simply D Constructed! Dee is a wife and mom to four, who is an ultimate optimist! She finds the joy in life’s simple things…a clean pair of socks, the clearance aisles, crafts, a good deli sandwich (a girl after my own heart), and tattoos (again, a girl after my own heart)! Please be sure to stop by Simply D Constructed and check out the questions that I offered to her and show this amazing lady some love!


1. So you like tattoos…what do you tell someone when they say things like “That’ll be on your body forever?”

I would absolutely have to tell the, “Well yeah…that is the point!”

2. Hardest part about homeschooling

Keeping the kids focused, but they are 11 and 14, so it will come. I hope! LOL!

3. If you could live in a movie, which movie would you choose?

Oh wow! That is a hard one…I think that I am going to stay with the first movie that popped into my head upon reading this and that would be The Princess Bride. That has always been one of my favorite movies!

4. What is your favorite food of all time?

Oh wow…another hard one! LOL! I could choose so many things! Chocolate, brownies, glazed doughnuts over an open fire, steak, hamburger, potatoes…yeah I like food! But again, I will have to go with my first thought and that would be Bisquick Dumplings. They are just so light and fluffy! Yummmy…looks like I will be putting some Bisquick on my next grocery list!

5. Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate or Mountain Dew…while I am trying really hard to get away from Mountain Dew…I still like to have one every so often.

6. What is your favorite meal time?

Any meal time that brings my oldest son home for a visit and some of Momma’s home cookin’! LOL!

7. First page or website you head to when you first turn on your computer?

Generally, I open my gmail and try to get messages gone through…it doesn’t always happen that way. 🙂

8. Finish the sentence: “The best way for me to find inspiration is ____.”

I think for me, it would really be my kids. When my oldest brings in a couple of bags of groceries to help when things got slim. When my lil man comes up and puts his head on my shoulder and says, “My tiny mommy.” Or when lil miss lays her head on my shoulder, when I tuck her in at night, and she says, “I love you momma, you are my best friend.” My kids inspire me in ways that warm my heart.

9. What is your all-time favorite hobby off-line?

Oh reading, hands down. I can sit down with a good novel and lose myself until the book is done.

10. What is your favorite craft?

I am not overly crafty, but I love to bake. I have made some neat birthday cakes for the kids.

Dee, it was wonderful getting to swap with you!

Well that is all of the questions that Dee had for me. Now be sure to head on over to Simply D Constructed and check out her answers to my questions! Also be sure to peruse some of the other wonderful participants of #AskAwayFriday!