#AskAwayFriday 26 with April from 100lb Countdown!

Hooray, hooray, hooray! It is that time again, time for #AskAwayFriday 26!


For those of you who have not heard of Ask Away Friday, here is the gist of this amazing opportunity. It is a fabulous way to make new friends, meet and get to know your fellow blogger friends by simply exchanging 10 questions with another blogger and then sharing those posts with your communities. I was invited to join in a couple of weeks ago and have quickly become addicted…for such a shy person, this is an amazing way to get to know people.


This wonderfully awesome opportunity is brought to the bloggy world by the amazing Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom. Please stop by and check them out, you won’t regret that you did!

This week, I have the great pleasure to be swapping with a new bloggy friend, April from 100lb Countdown! April’s blog focuses on her weight loss journey and trying to promote a healthy lifestyle for her family, which includes her husband and two little ones. She also promotes her weight loss by being a fitness coach. Stop by her site and show her some love and read her answers to the questions that I gave her!

Now it is time to answer the questions that she had for me!

1. It was my anniversary this week. Describe your favorite celebration of your anniversary. **Bonus for pictures**

Two years ago, on our 10th wedding anniversary, the hubby and I both got matching tattoos. We are both Pisces and we wanted to get tattoos, but I knew that he would not go along with anything “girly”, so here is what we came up with…
Pisces tatt

That same year, we went to stay at a hotel, that was about 45 minutes away from our hometown. The hotel had themed rooms, and the one we chose had an under the sea type of theme, complete with a fish tank, steam shower, and hot tub. It was a wonderful weekend!

2. After having your first son, what was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” on divorcing your first husband?

D-man (my oldest) was about 3 1/2 when his dad came home said that he didn’t love me anymore and wanted a divorce. Actually he had met another woman, who was also married, and they were married six weeks after our divorce was final. That marriage only last about 5 years before she left him for someone else…what comes around goes around. He is now happily married to wife #3, who is an absolutely, lovely, woman that has been a wonderful step mom to D-man, as well as giving him a step grandma and step sister that all love D-man bunches.

3. Having a child who’s made it out of the house, what one piece of parenting advice would you give?

Work hard and take care of your business…pay your bills, make it to work, and take care of yourself.

4. It’s 10:00 p.m. and the kids are asleep. What are you doing?

Enjoying the peace and quiet! LOL! Generally blogging or reading other blogs and cruising around the internet.

5. What did you do before you became a SAHM?

I was a receptionist for a local television station for almost 19 years. I had several other jobs that I accumulated during those years, but reception was the main job.

6. Did you always dream of being a SAHM? If not, then what did you envision doing?

In some ways, yes. I actually loved my job, until the last couple of new managers that came in, and even then I still loved the job…just not management. But my last year of work we had started to homeschool, which was difficult while working full time. Though the biggest part really stemmed from all of the years that I worked, supported the family, took care of my mom, and held a part time job while hubby tried out school and went through a bout of unemployment, I think that I was just tired and wanted/needed a break, and time with the two youngest because I felt like I had missed so much of their childhood days.

7. Now that you’re starting to work on losing weight, what’s the one piece of advice that worked for you?

I can’t really say that anyone gave me any advice. Most things I already knew…get off of the Mountain Dew, try to eat healthier, and get off of my fanny and start to do some kind of exercise.

8. What was your biggest apprehension about homeschooling your children?

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be smart enough. Don’t get me wrong, I got good grades in school, in all but math. Math is the one subject that I struggled with, especially when it came to algebra and fractions.

9. You said that you wanted to make money from your blog. Is it meeting your expectations thus far or do you still need time to get where you want it be?

I definitely need time, and would even look for other ways to make money, as long as it would allow me to stay a SAHM. But I did make my first $50.00 last month for a campaign that I did in November. I am working on my second campaign now that will earn me another $50.00

10. Once you get to your desired weight, who’s body type would you say you have? **Bonus** Include a pic of you at your desired weight or your the celebrity.

Most definitely petite, I am only 5’1″ and I am shooting for a final weight of 115 to 120 pounds. I was that size shortly after my first husband left me…divorce can do that to you. These are pics of me from 1997 to 1998…

Well that is all of the questions that April had for me for this weeks #AAF. Please be sure to stop by her site at 100lb Countdown to read her answers to the questions that I asked of her! Also don’t forget to stop by Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom to read some of the other awesome participants of #AskAwayFriday!