Blanket Love!

This post is all about blanket love!

As some of you may have read in my Whirlwind Miami Trip post, from a few weeks ago, my lil miss lost one of her most prized possessions. The baby blanket that I made her, when she was a baby, it was a fleece blanket that was white with the Disney Princesses all over it, and a purple satin binding that I had sown on it. She was absolutely heartbroken, she used this blanket every night for 11 years, even though it is too short for her. She actually cried for about an hour of the ride home from Miami, and sniffled for a couple more. While she does have a small piece of the material left, because I also made a small pouch to hold one of her stuffed bears, in the same material.

Since she was so heartbroken, my promise to her was that I would make her another blanket. I would even let her pick out the material and binding for her new blanket. So when we made it home, she and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics so she could pick out her fabric and all of the essentials for me to make her a new blanket. She picked out a very cool patterned fleece, with rainbow zebra stripes and multi-colored peace signs, and she chose a blue and a purple satin bindings to go along the edges of her new blanket. I bought enough material to cover a king sized bed in length and wide enough to cover a double bed, so this will be one that will grow with her as she continues to grow.

After I dug out my Brother sewing machine, that my hubby bought me several years ago. I used the purple binding to cover the top and bottom and the blue binding to cover the sides of the blanket. She is so happy to have her new blanket, it is wonderful to see her so happy.