#AskAwayFriday 23 with Dana from Moments and Invitations!

Hooray, hooray, hooray! It is that time again, time for #AskAwayFriday!


For those of you who have not heard of Ask Away Friday, here is the gist of this amazing opportunity. It is a fabulous way to make new friends, meet and get to know your fellow blogger friends by simply exchanging 10 questions with another blogger and then sharing those posts with your communities. I was invited to join in a couple of weeks ago and have quickly become addicted…for such a shy person, this is an amazing way to get to know people.


This wonderfully awesome opportunity is brought to the bloggy world by the amazing Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom. Please stop by and check them out, you won’t regret that you did!

This week, I have the great pleasure to be swapping with a new bloggy friend courtesy of #AskAwayFriday, Dana from Dana Butler: Moments and Invitations. Dana is an amazing mom to two littles, a wife, and a worship leader, sharing her feelings of God’s importance in her life and how He guides her through life with love and heartfelt sincerity. Stop by and show her some love!

Your blog looks like a pretty hoppin’ place! Which provokes my first four questions:

1. How long have you been blogging?

One year, now, I started in January of 2013.

2. What were your goals for your blog when you first started? How have they changed?

My goals were and still are to figure out a way to make a good income from my blog. I think the one thing that has changed slightly is the desire to keep a good balance of money making, family, and fun posts. I want to honor the community that I have been working on, but I also have to honor doing all that I can for my family.

3. In your blogging experience, what has surprised you?

The amazing people…sadly you hear the horror stories of nastiness and some of the things that I have seen on other sites, can be hard to deal with. I am thankful to associate with a great group of fellow bloggers!

4. What has blogging taught you about yourself?

That I am strong and can accomplish anything! I have to hold myself accountable and follow through with determination.

About your fam:

5. What are your kiddos’ names (if you feel comfortable sharing them) and ages, and could you name a character trait for each that’s one of your favorites about them?

D-man is my oldest at 20, he is from my first marriage. A character trait that I love about him is that he is responsible. He works hard, takes care of his bills, is loyal to his family and friends, and stands by his honor.

Lil man is my 14 year old, and my oldest with hubby 2. He is very much the loving one. He loves to see people happy and he loves to help others. He doesn’t like to tell people no.

Lil miss is my 11 year old, and she is our baby. She is my social butterfly, loves to be silly, wants to have lots of friends; basically she just really likes to be around and talk to other people.

6. My oldest kiddo is 3 so my husband and I will be making decisions in the next year or two about how we want to begin his education. Homeschooling is a likely possibility for us. How did you get started schooling your kids at home? What are a couple of your favorite things about homeschooling? Least fave?

The hubby and I decided that we wanted a safer and better quality education for the two lil ones and after doing the research we found what we wanted and decided to take that leap.

I am glad that they are safe and getting a more thorough education with more potential to desire furthering that education.

The least fave, I think, would simply be the chaos of doing two different grades. Luckily the tend to be learning similar things at the same time, just one at a lower grade level.

About YOU:
7. On your “About” page, you mention having become stronger through some of the things you’ve walked through with your hubby. Within the realm of what you feel comfortable sharing, could you explain a couple of ways in which that’s been the case?

Oh we had things like a nasty ex-wife, who caused quite a few problems in the beginning. Then there are the usual arguments and stresses over finances, kids, and the whole new family unit learning to mesh together. Then we added full time caregiver on my plate to my mom, who was completely disabled, along with my full-time job, a brief part time job, full time mom, wife, chef, maid…the hubby’s unemployment, and him trying to go back to college. All things that added to the stresses of the normal day to day. It also strengthened our commitment to one another and to our marriage.

8. Tell us about one of your little-known quirks. (I.e. “I always count stairs when I walk up or down them…” etc.)

I love to crank up my tunes in the car and sing to my hearts content!

9. If God appeared in your kitchen and asked you to sit down with Him for coffee, what’s one question you’d want to ask Him? Why that one?

Why did he chose my parents for my parents? I guess I am just curious if there was something that I needed to learn by having the parents that I did.

10. If you could dream huge, wild, and crazy — what would you want your life to look like in 10 years?

Oh this is easy! LOL! I would still be a SAHM, earning a living with my site, a published author, house paid off and out of debt. All things I am willing to work for, I just need to figure out the right formula.

Well that is all of the questions from Dana, please be sure to check out her site here and the questions that I posed to her this week! And don’t forget to stop by Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County or Amber from Bold Fab Mom to check out the rest of the amazing #AskAwayFriday participants and find out how you can get involved!