#AskAwayFriday 20 with Melissa from Home on Deranged!

Hooray, hooray, hooray! It is that time again, time for #AskAwayFriday!


For those of you who have not heard of Ask Away Friday, here is the gist of this amazing opportunity. It is a fabulous way to make new friends, meet and get to know your fellow blogger friends by simply exchanging 10 questions with another blogger and then sharing those posts with your communities. I was invited to join in a couple of weeks ago and have quickly become addicted…for such a shy person, this is an amazing way to get to know people.


This wonderfully awesome opportunity is brought to the bloggy world by the amazing Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom. Please stop by and check them out, you won’t regret that you did!

Home on Deranged

This week, I have the great pleasure to be swapping with the fabulous Melissa from Home on Deranged. Be sure to stop on over to her site and check it out! Melissa’s blog offers amazing reviews and giveaways, and the adventures of being a wife and mommy to two little girls! She also collaborates with Jodi from The Noise of Boys on a feature series called, “True Tales from the Pink and Blue Trenches”. This feature showcases their adventures as one mom with all boys and one mom with all girls.

The noise of boys

1. As a mom considering this, how do you balance blogging and homeschooling?

There are days that I am overwhelmed with it all, blogging, homeschooling, housekeeping, family life, there are nights that I go without sleep and catch cat naps during the day. I have been trying to figure out ways to better organize my days. But it is a work in progress.

2. What is the best tip for living a frugal lifestyle you can give?

Hmm…I love my home made laundry soap, which can be read about here. But we are really simple folks…we don’t go out to eat, we shop at thrift stores or garage sales, I use coupons when I can but sadly most of the ones that are available in my area are for stuff that I won’t use. So again, it is a work in progress!

3. You like romance novels. Which ones are your favorite – historical or paranormal?

Oh historical all the way! I prefer any that are set in England or Scotland and anything from Regency to Victorian.

4. You have so many great blogging partnerships. Why is this important?

For the support of friends. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends that I have met through blogging!

5. Your bucket list is a trip to Scotland. I can’t give you that, but I can send you to your favorite vacation spot. Where would it be?

The USVI. I have been to the Caribbean islands once and would love to go back.

6. What’s your favorite dish to make for Christmas?

I don’t generally cook on Christmas, we have finger foods…summer sausage, cheese and crackers, pickles, cookies, and candies.

7. What’s your one “must-do” family Christmas tradition?

Read Twas The Night Before Christmas to the kids before bed.

8. What is the best Christmas present you’ve given?

One year, I gave my mom a sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet.

9. What’s your idea of a perfect Christmas?

A quiet day spent watching parades and chilling with my hubby and kids.

10. Tell me one of your favorite childhood Christmas memories.

I don’t really remember too much from childhood Christmases…they were always very hectic going to my aunt and uncles every year. We were kind of the outcast’s of the family, so often times it was uncomfortable.


Those are all of the questions that Melissa had for me this week! Thank you so much for swapping with me Melissa! I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did! Don’t forget to stop over at Melissa’s and read the questions that I posed to her this week! Then head over to see Penny or Amber and read some of the other awesome participants of Ask Away Friday! Enjoy and have a great weekend!