Ask Away Friday!


The other day I was asked, by Ophelia from Latina Mama Rama, if I would be willing to partner up with her for Ask Away Friday. Of course, I said yes. Ophelia has been one of my wonderful co-hosts for the last couple of months and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know her, and looking forward to knowing more.

Here are the questions that she asked me to answer, to allow everyone to get to know me better:

1.When did you begin blogging?
I started blogging in January 2012.

2.How do you handle it all work, blogging and motherhood?
Even though I no longer work outside the home, it is tough sometimes. I definitely don’t get a whole lot of me time, especially with all of the other duties that I have had to take on.

3. What is your favorite post that you have done in the last 2 months?
Pink Fluffy Stuff This recipe was one that was made by my mom from the time I was a little girl.

4. What is one blogging goal you hope to accomplish within the year?
I think that I would love to make some actual money, just to add a little bit extra to the family funds.

5 If you had super powers, what would you choose?
I guess, as a huge fan of “Charmed”, I would pick telekinesis.

6. What is your favorite candy?
Oh anything chocolate would be for me.

7. If you could take a trip anywhere-where would it be?
Scotland, definitely! Or Salem, Massachusetts!

8. What is your favorite television show?
I think for this one, I would have to say “Charmed”. I have seen absolutely every episode…more than twice!

9. What is your least favorite household chore?
Folding the white clothes! I hate folding all of the socks! LOL!

10. This has been a popular question – Take a picture of what you have in your purse right now?
I don’t carry a purse, everything that I carry goes into my back pocket.

I want to say thank you so much to Ophelia for this opportunity and for thinking of me for this!!