Home Made Spray Deodorant

Home Made Spray Deodorant


Homemade Spray Deoderant

These are the ingredients that I used to make a spray deodorant…my first attempt, I will post an update after I have used it for a few days and let you all know what I think.

Ingredient amounts as follows:
1/2 C  Witch Hazel
1/4 C  Aloe Gel
1/4 t   Baking Soda
1/4 t   Corn Starch
10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
20 drops Coconut Fragrance Oil
30 drops Vanilla Fragrance Oil
30 drops Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

Combine all ingredients, I just used a one cup measuring cup and a fork to mix it, pour into a clean spray bottle.

Shake before each use.

You can adjust the oils as you choose.

I actually did not mind this deoderant. It was a little wetter than the solid that I normally use, of course, but it dried far quicker than any roll on that I have ever tried.

I also think that the scent options are truly endless. I used the oils that I had on hand, next time, I might try vanilla and almond oils…What scents do you think that you would choose? I would love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below!